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Ever immediately regretted a tattoo that you thought would be an excellent idea at the time? Or perhaps you got caught up in the hype and made a reckless decision on Tattoo Day. Whatever your woe, National Tattoo Removal Day is here to say that mistakes need not be permanent.

A day of pained winces and fresh starts, National Tattoo Removal Day laments the inks of the past and celebrates a cleaner look.

History of National Tattoo Removal Day

In part, National Tattoo Removal Day rose directly in response to Tattoo Day. With thousands of people unceremoniously inking themselves up came an annual uptick of regret. It’s no coincidence that National Tattoo Removal Day tends to happen not too long after Tattoo Day.

In fact, National Tattoo Removal Day has been traditionally celebrated one month, or thirty whole days after Tattoo Day since that’s the first day that you’re allowed to remove a tattoo after it has been applied.

Tattoo Day is also positioned some time after Valentine’s Day, addressing one of the most common causes of wanting a tattoo removed: heartbreak. With jilted lovers and newly independent solo adventurers also comes a host of tattoos that are suddenly a reminder that we don’t want rather than a celebration of enduring love.

However, the day grew to be more than a tongue-in-cheek response to another marked day of the calendar. It also came to draw awareness of the millions of people with unwanted ink that there are, indeed, ways to remove it as well as practitioners who can do it safely.

There are plenty of people regretting a tattoo and still not enough people realise that there are providers who can do it for them. As such, spreading awareness of a safe, healthy method done by a licensed professional can prevent people from taking those efforts into their own hands.

How to celebrate National Tattoo Removal Day

It’s a day for Tattoo Removal, so there’s one obvious way to celebrate it, isn’t there? Say goodbye to that unwanted body art. While the day is ongoing, you’ll find the official National Tattoo Removal Day group providing links that can help you find providers around you. Local providers might even take advantage to jump on the trending hashtag on social media. If you’re lucky, you may even find them offering a discount.

If you have any friends or family members who have been lamenting their own misbegotten tattoos, it’s the day to encourage them to finally take action. Tattoo removal might be safe, but it’s also a touch uncomfortable, so lending your support and joining them during their appointment can give them the courage to commit.

Lastly, you will find National Tattoo Removal Day trending all across social media, so it’s your opportunity to get involved there, as well. You can show some genuine support by sharing and retweeting posts from those involved in the day, including information about tattoo removal that can clear up some confusion.

If you do get your own tattoo removed, or have had it done in the past, it’s the perfect time to show your “before” and “after” pictures to show those considering it that there’s nothing to fear.

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