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As part of a larger global effort to recognize, learn about and take care of the planet, many different days have been set aside to honor animal and plant life. And World Lizard Day is one of them! So get on board with learning about the fascinating, scaly creatures that have an important role to play in their different ecosystems around the world. 

About World Lizard Day

With four legs, scaly skin, long bodies and movable eyelids, lizards boast at least 7,000 different varieties of species that can be found all over the world. So there is certainly plenty to celebrate on this day! World Lizard Day offers a special opportunity for schools, parks, zoos and reptile fans to spend some time focusing on this unique category of animal.

How to Celebrate World Lizard Day

Get involved with celebrating World Lizard Day starting with some of these fun ideas:

Visit the Zoo Reptile House

Since many zoos across the globe will be in the groove with World Lizard Day, this would be a great time to schedule a visit to the reptile house. A number of zoos will be home to a wide range of different types of lizards, including Komodo Dragons, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Geckos and many others. Parents and teachers can take this day as an opportunity for students to learn about the different types of lizards, their habitats, feeding habits and much more!

Consider Adopting a Lizard

Folks who are looking for a pet that is good for older children and adults but is also ‘low-maintenance’ might want to think more about what it would be like to bring a lizard home. Just like with any pet, lizards require special care and maintenance, so it might be good to talk to some actual lizard owners about their experiences related to taking care of them, how much they cost, and more. Some breeds can make an excellent choice for a first pet, require less care than cats or dogs, and also don’t tend to irritate family members who have allergies!

Make a Lizard Playlist

Having a soundtrack for a day can be the perfect way to make an average day into a celebration! For World Lizard Day, consider creating a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music or some other favorite music platform, including a wide range of songs that mention lizards or have them in the title. Perhaps as expected, many of these songs lean toward heavy metal, but are still worth a listen Check out some of these songs and consider adding them to that Lizard Day playlist:

  • Celebration of the Lizard by The Doors (1970)
  • Lizard Life by ZZ Top (1994)
  • Love Me Like a Reptile by Motorhead (1980)
  • A Lizard State by King Krule (2013)

Other days that are celebrated in relationship to World Lizard Day include National Reptile Awareness Day in October, National Alligator Day in May, and Rattlesnake Roundup Day in late January.    

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