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Over four thousand years ago the first umbrella took shape. Whether the inventor was looking for a way to beat the heat or to stave off the rain is anyone’s guess.

The one thing that we do know is how indebted we are to the invention of this great device. It has branched well beyond the weather to become a fashion accessory, a useful device for photographers and even a great prop when jumping off of a building (this only works in the movies!).

Since March is National Umbrella Month, it’s a good idea to know at least seven great things which will help you to be able to make the most out of the month.

7 Important Things to Know for National Umbrella Month

  1. Buy an Umbrella – One of the greatest ways to celebrate umbrella month is to go out and buy a cool umbrella. Have you had your eye on one for a while? Now is the time to go out and buy it. Guaranteed you will get a lot of use out of it as spring takes hold.
  2. Learn a New Dance – While Gene Kelly might have tossed his aside to dance in the rain, there are plenty of traditional dances in China and Japan which incorporate the use of a good umbrella. You can kick off umbrella month by learning a fun new dance.
  3. Decorate the Porch – One of the many ways that you can use an umbrella is through decoration. Whether you are adding an umbrella to the patio furniture or you are hanging a decorative umbrella on the wall, you will enjoy the look it gives your home for umbrella month.
  4. Get to Know the History – The original version of the umbrella might have been invented over four thousand years ago, but it was not until recently that the folding version we know today was invented. It can be fun to get to know the history of the umbrella as a tribute to umbrella month.
  5. Go to a Jazz Funeral – There are many people who celebrate death rather than mourn it. This is the idea behind the jazz funeral in New Orleans. The parasol is used often as a decorative part of the dancing and pageantry which surrounds the affair.
  6. Umbrellas in Art – Look at many of the paintings throughout history in the different nations around the world and you will be able to see all of the different umbrellas which have been used. You will be able to enjoy looking at the many different ways in which umbrellas have been used as you celebrate umbrella month.
  7. Go Out in the Rain – Probably one of the best ways to celebrate National Umbrella Month is to get out in the rain. Enjoy being able to stand out in the rain while not getting soaked. Your dry clothes will be a great reminder of how fortunate we are to have these devices in our lives.

Whereas in the 1800s it was not considered to be appropriate for a man to go out in public using an umbrella, now it is suitable for any person to use an umbrella for anything they like. Remember this and all of those who have helped to add to the modern design of the umbrella as you enjoy umbrella month.

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