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The United States Marine Corps, a branch of the United States Armed Forces, is responsible for providing power protection from the sea using the mobility of the US Navy to rapidly deliver combined-arms task forces. Playing a vital role as the first force that hits the ground in many military conflicts, the US Marine Corps has marines stationed all around the world, at the ready, to deploy quickly whenever and wherever they might be needed.

History of US Marine Corps Birthday

The Continental Congress first established the Continental Marines on November 10, 1775, in the lead up to the American Revolution. Two battalions of Marines fought for independence both on land and at sea, with its birthplace considered to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a component of the Department of the Navy, the marines became efficient at using both amphibious and ground units to perform operations.

Since its beginnings in 1775, the Marine Corps has participated in every war or conflict that the US has been involved in. But it wasn’t until 1921 that the US Marine Corps Birthday became a formally commemorated celebration. It was then that the day was declared as an official holiday throughout the Corps and, for more than a century now, it has typically been celebrated with an official ball as well as a cake-cutting ceremony.

How to Celebrate US Marine Corps Birthday

Looking for ideas when celebrating the US Marine Corps Birthday? Get started with some of these plans:

Say Thank You to a Marine

One of the best ways to celebrate and honor the US Marine Corps Birthday is by showing appreciation to someone who is presently, or has in the past, served as a marine. Whether this is a person in the family, a friend, or a pen pal, this is a great time to honor the birth of this important branch of the US military and thank them for their service to their country. Write a favorite marine a note, take a marine veteran out to coffee, or just say thank you anytime you come across a person who serves!

Visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps

Interested in learning more about what the US Marine Corps is all about? Add some knowledge by visiting this museum that acts as a monument to the Honor, Courage and Commitment of everyone who serves as a marine. The museum is situated on the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia and offers world class exhibits as well as unique artifacts to immerse visitors in the world of the marines.

Those who can’t make it to the museum in person can take an online virtual tour in celebration of the US Marine Corps Birthday! 

Host a US Marine Corps Birthday Party

Those who are more deeply involved in the marines, whether having served personally or having family who serves, this might be a perfect time to throw a little party in honor of the US Marine Corps Birthday! Invite friends, family members, neighbors, and especially any Corps veterans, to a little gathering where this branch of the service can be shown some appreciation. Decorate along the Marine Corps theme with American flags, and serve snacks and treats that go along with the theme as well. Even better, host a little cake-cutting ceremony to show honor to these folks who have sacrificed for their country!

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