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Life after serving in the military can be difficult for veterans, especially those who have been part of wars or conflict where they have experienced trauma. Those who serve their country through the armed forces can use some extra support when they return and re-enter civilian society, some of them starting local businesses that serve their communities.

Those veterans who find support locally are much more likely to experience success in their businesses as they impact their neighbors for good. National Invest in Veterans Week is a great time to raise awareness for this important cause!

History of National Invest in Veterans Week

National Invest in Veterans Week was founded in 2017 by Drayton Florence, a former NFL football player, along with Jeff Shuford, who was a veteran from the Iraq war. The purpose behind the event is to show support for those men and women who have served their country through the Army, Navy, Airforce or Marine Corps.

The idea for National Invest in Veterans Week is to draw attention to those veterans who go on to start their own businesses that serve communities throughout the United States. This week is meant to raise awareness about these businesses, bringing them community support through commerce and trade.

National Invest in Veterans Week is more than just an event, as it is backed by an award-winning social impact organization out of Jacksonville, Florida. More than just celebrating for one week a year, this organization works tirelessly to provide resources and a hub that will create connection and collaboration throughout the world of veterans.

Veteran’s Day, which takes place on November 11, is another time that is set aside to show respect for and pay honor to those who have served in the military, especially during a war.

How to Celebrate National Invest in Veterans Week

Looking for interesting ways to show you care during National Invest in Veterans Week? Check out some of these plans and ideas to get started with:

Support a Veteran Owned Business

It’s easy to get involved with National Invest in Veterans Week, first by giving business to a person who has served in the military. Whether this is an auto mechanic, a bakery or a local dry cleaner, consider this week a time to head over and provide them with some business. Another good way to support veteran businesses is to provide them with a positive review on Yelp, Google or another online platform for reviews.

Advocate for National Invest in Veterans Day

Many local government authorities, such as council members, mayors and governors, can be petitioned to support days like National Invest in Veterans Day. The organization’s website offers a sample proclamation that local citizens can use to petition for approval to celebrate this week officially in the local area.

Recognize a Veteran

Those folks who know a veteran who is a business owner, politician or holds some other role can submit them to the National Invest in Veterans Day organization for recognition. Each year, various businesses and advocates are acknowledged and recognized for their outstanding achievements and support around this worthy cause, during this week and all throughout the year.

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