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Roll out of bed and get started on the day… but don’t get dressed! Because it’s time for the celebration of Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day.

Hospice care offers such an important service to those who are in need of care at the end of their lives, either simply due to the natural aging process or because of life-limiting illness. Providing special medical care and emotional support is a vital part of helping individuals and their families to feel comfortable and safe during a difficult time.

History of Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day

Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day had its inaugural celebration in 2022 when the day was founded as a time to raise funds in support of hospice care. Started by Wakefield Hospice, which is located just south of the city of Leeds in the United Kingdom, this event was planned to coincide with Hospice Care Week.

Also called Pyjama Day, this event offers an opportunity for folks in the community to wear their pjs out for the day, and make a donation to their cause in doing so. Also, when folks ask why they are wearing their pajamas to work, it’s a great time to share and raise awareness for the financial needs that come along with helping those who need hospice care.

In addition to inviting people from all over to wear their pjs, those who came to a special event hosted at the Wakefield Hospice center were met by a giant teddy bear character dressed up in his own pajamas!

During the original event in 2022, hundreds of people got involved by wearing their pajamas on the day and making donations to help support those in need of hospice care. Thousands of pounds were raised for the event and the desire to to continue hosting the drive as an annual event, gaining popularity and fostering more financial support for hospice care.

How to Celebrate Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day

Looking for ideas to celebrate Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day? Check out some of these:

Wear Those PJs!

The first order of business on Wakey Wakey Hospice PJ Day is to wear those pajamas to work, to school or wherever a person happens to be going that day. It’s an ideal way to start a conversation with others about the difficulties that hospice care providers are experiencing with financial stability. Plus, it’s just a fun way to celebrate the day!

Attend a Wakefield Hospice Care Event

Those who live locally in the area of Wakefield or Leeds can check into various community events and opportunities to attend at the Wakefield Hospice care center. Visit and get a photo op with others in their pjs, or perhaps take part in a PJ walk that will help to raise funds for the cause.

Make a Donation to Hospice Care

Have compassion and care for those who are in need of financial help by making a donation to the worthy cause of hospice care. Whether in the Wakefield community or another local hospice center, every penny, dollar or pound can help in supporting those in such a difficult time of their lives.

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