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Water is an absolute essential of human life, and every form of life that we know of requires it to exist. But water is also a universal solvent, collecting all the elements of its environment, and from there carrying it directly into our homes and bodies. Water Monitoring Day was established to encourage and educate people on how to monitor the components of the water in their local area. Water pollution is a serious problem, and learning how to identify, take care of, and prevent it is more important with every passing year.

History of Water Monitoring Day

Water Monitoring Day was created by America’s Clean Water Foundation in 2003 with the intent of being a program that reached out to people all over the globe to raise awareness of water pollution issues and get people to test their local bodies of water. This information is then intended to be shared through various resources, including the World Water Monitoring Challenge Website (www.monitorwater.org).

Take a look at the water coming out of your tap, for most of us this means we’re seeing water from a municipal water source that is monitored and treated against pollution and disease by government authorities. But how clean and safe is it really? While most of us believe our tap water to be safe, there are occurrences like those in Flint, Michigan that reveal that we can’t always trust even our city water to be completely safe for us to drink.

If you have a well, then you’re in a situation that’s both better and worse. Wells are especially subject to the changes in the environment and the things that get into our soil and groundwater. While they often draw from a much smaller reservoir and thus aren’t as easily effected by issues that may affect an entire community, they should be monitored more frequently just to be sure your water is clean and safe.

How to celebrate Water Monitoring Day

Water Monitoring Day is your reminder that it’s time to check your water. Testing kits are available from a lot of resources, including local hardware stores. If you live in the city, you can often get your water checked free of charge by calling your water company. Be sure to ask them for the results so you can report them on the many water reporting sites exist. This way your entire community can get involved in making sure everyone has access to clean fresh water.