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Everyone can work together to make a big difference for the environment by paying a bit more attention to the amount of water they use during the important observance of Water Saving Week! 

History of Water Saving Week

Recognizing that water is one of the most precious natural resources on Earth, Water Saving Week invites the citizens of the planet to be more conscientious in the ways that they live and make use of water.

Started in the United Kingdom in 2015, Water Saving Week is an initiative of Waterwise with the purpose of reducing waste and working toward a sustainable future. The event encourages individuals and families to value each drop of water they use because every drip and droplet counts toward the preservation of the environment and the health of the planet. And this can all come about with some small changes!

Each year, the folks at Waterwise offer different opportunities for people to think about the ways that they use water in their homes. From hygiene when using taps and showers in the bathroom to ways that dishwashers are used, families are encouraged to be more efficient by being more attentive to their habits.

How to Celebrate Water Saving Week

Show some love for the planet by showing appreciation for one of its most valuable resources during Water Saving Week! Check out some of these ideas to participate and encourage others to get involved: 

Host a Water Saving Week Event

Schools, community centers, government agencies, environmental groups and others can join in with Water Saving Week by hosting educational events and other activities. Parents and teachers can actively educate children to understand and appreciate the valuable resource water is. Environmental groups can host online or in-person community campaigns inviting people to get on board with a week-long or month-long challenge to save water. Get creative and get everyone involved to save water and save the planet!

Be Strategic About Water Usage

One of the best ways that individuals and families can make a positive impact on the environment is to join with others in limiting the ways that they use water. This can be something as simple as taking shorter or fewer showers to installing energy efficient shower heads and toilets. 

Get started with some of these tips for saving water at home:

  • Turn off the taps. It’s possible to save 6 liters of water per minute just by turning off the tap while brushing teeth or washing the face.
  • Run full laundry loads. Instead of washing just a few pieces of clothing at a time, save them up and run full loads to save water.
  • Reduce food waste. Food uses a great deal of water to produce, so working hard not to waste food is a great way to reduce water consumption.
  • Catch rainwater. Place rainwater catchers in the garden and save up to 5000 liters of water per year, plus it benefits the plants by giving them the fresh water they love instead of treated tap water.

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