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Sun 5th Feb, 2017 will be...


5th Feb each year

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Weatherperson's Day

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I don’t care what the weatherman says when the weatherman says it’s raining… Actually, best get the umbrella.

Weatherman’s Day pays tribute to the men and women who rock our meteorological socks by informing us of coldfronts and extratropical cyclones, cumulus congestus and blowing spray, and of course, that good old wind chill factor, which denotes┬áthe rate of heat loss from exposed skin caused by the combined effects of wind and cold. Who ever said climate talk can’t be sexy?

So weather — oops, we mean “whether” — it’s the USA’s Al Roker, Canada’s Claire Martin, Australia’s Grant Denyer or Britain’s beloved Michael Fish, it’s time to pay tribute to our five-day-outlook specialists. That way, when we’re caught in a heavy shower whilst wearing a rain poncho and wellies, those gods and goddesses of rain, shine, snow and sleet will realise that there are people out there who actually take note of what they have to say, and that their passionate daily hand motions against green screen maps aren’t in vain at all.

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