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Women’s Golf Month means shining a spotlight on the fairways and greens as we honor women golfers.

This special month encourages girls and women of all ages and skill levels to grab their cutest golfing shoes and head off to enjoy a round or two of golf. Whether a seasoned pro or someone who’s never held a club, this month is all about spreading awareness of the sport. It also honors the game’s large community of female players.

History of Women’s Golf Month

Women’s Golf Month first teed off in 2005, launched as a PGA industry initiative. Organized by the PGA of America, the LPGA, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, and the National Golf Course Owners Association, this initiative hoped to create a welcoming environment for lady golfers. The goal was simple yet impactful: attracting and retaining new women to the golfing community.

Tracing the roots of women in golf, we find ourselves in the era of Mary, Queen of Scots, who ruled Scotland from 1542 to 1567. Scottish historians believe she was the first woman to play golf. In fact, it was during her rule as Queen that the world-famous St. Andrews Links golf course was built. Fast forward to 1867, and the St. Andrews Ladies’ Golf Club was formed, marking a significant milestone in women’s golf history.

Another notable figure is Issette Pearson Miller, a leading female golfer of her time, who invented the first handicapping golf system in 1893. This accommodation in the game rules allowed less experienced golfers a competitive edge. As a result, it made the sport more inclusive of women.

How to Celebrate Women’s Golf Month

Celebrating Women’s Golf Month can be as much fun as the sport itself. Here are some suggestions to make the most of the occasion:

The most straightforward way to celebrate is just to get out there and play a game of golf! Beginner or seasoned player — that doesn’t matter. Take any opportunity this month to visit the local golf course. Many clubs and courses offer special events and discounts for women throughout the month. Not ready for 18 holes? Start small and try a 9-hole course for that first outing.

Take a Lesson

Don’t feel confident about trying out golf yet? Consider signing up for a lesson. Many golf clubs offer group clinics or private lessons tailored for women. Golf is a lot of fun, and Women’s Golf Month is a great time to learn.

Host a Golf-Themed Party

Gather up friends and family for a golf-themed get-together, and organize a mini-golf tournament, host a golf trivia game night, or even have a costume contest featuring famous female golfers.

Golf Movie Marathon

Not a fan of playing sports? For those who prefer a cozy time at home, how about a movie night featuring golf-themed films? From classics like “The Legend of Bagger Vance” or comedies like “Happy Gilmore,” there are dozens of golf movies to stream.

Hold a Golf Workshop for Women’s Golf Month

Have good golfing skills? Know someone who does? Consider hosting a workshop focusing on skills and strategies to help uplift women golfers. These can include sessions on swing techniques, mental game strategies, and fitness for golf. Each of these topics provides valuable insights for both new and experienced players.

Read and Share Golf Stories

Dive into the history of women’s golf and share inspiring stories of female golfers. Books, documentaries, and articles can all provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Social Media Engagement

Use social media to spread the word about Women’s Golf Month. Share golfing experiences, tips, and photos. To increase engagement, use the hashtag #WomensGolfMonth.

Support Women’s Golf Apparel and Equipment

Celebrate Women’s Golf Month by investing in women’s golf gear. Many brands offer golf apparel and equipment designed for women. It is a great combination of style and functionality.

Volunteer or Donate

Support organizations that promote women’s golf, especially those that introduce young girls to the sport. Volunteering some spare time, sponsoring a young female golfer, or making a donation can make a significant impact.

Women’s Golf Month gives the ladies a perfect opportunity to try their hands at golf. It’s an excellent time to sign up for a lesson or just go out and hit the greens. Who knows? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to fall in love with the sport.

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