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Yes, you did read the title correctly! While it might be hard to believe, there is such a thing as National Working Naked Day.

It’s true that when most people think about work, nakedness isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But what about choosing to think about working from home? Still no?

Well, for those people who do work from home, they could, in theory, work naked. Because, really, who would know, right? Well, that is the whole idea for this holiday – to honor the freedom that working from home allows to people all over the world.

History of National Working Naked Day

National Working Naked Day was founded by Lisa Kanarek in 2010. Lisa decided to create this day along with her own company, a brand called Working Naked, after she left a corporate job of over 20 years to start the new adventure of working from home.

At the time, working from home was not the commonplace choice that it is today. In fact, Lisa has stated that she didn’t even let on that she was working from home for the first five years–for fear of not being taken seriously in her industry. It’s hard to fathom how much things have changed in the past decade or so.

And this, my friends, is exactly what National Working Naked Day is all about!

National Working Naked Day is the ideal opportunity to celebrate the freedom and flexibility that working from home allows for and the changes that have taken place in recent years to allow this.

Tired of the stress-filled commute? How about changing that commute into the one from the coffee pot in the kitchen to your office? Certainly there are many people who would prefer this! Want to trade those suits and ties for bunny slippers and comfy clothes? Well, this is how to do it!

Lisa Kanarek, the day’s founder, points out that Working Naked means different things to different people. Now this is speaking about more than how a person dresses before sitting down to do their work.

For some, the thought of working from home leaves them feeling naked. No boss or coworkers to help if something goes awry. Sure, they might be able to track them down over the phone, but sometimes just knowing they are a few steps away can help.

But for those who work from home and have the opportunity to wear whatever they want to work, this day is for them!

How to Celebrate National Working Naked Day

For those who want to celebrate all the great advantages that come along with working from home, this day is one of the best motivators. Try out some of these ideas and get celebrating:

Update That Workspace

Look around at the space where all of the work at home normally happens. Is it the kitchen table or the living room or a home office? Is this space lacking energy or filled with distractions? What would it take to give the space a facelift? Take some time to plan it. Think about a fresh coat of paint, a new chair, or even just a plant or two that could serve to make the area feel new and fresh.

The result may make itself clear in improved creativity or productivity. Or maybe just a little bit more joy and satisfaction in life.

Update Technology

Another thing to think about is investigating new technologies that might be effective in improving the home office. Perhaps a new computer, a higher speed internet, or a separate screen for taking online video calls would be in order. Try out these hacks to make working from home more productive:

  • Invest in a Larger Computer Screen
    Some people love their huge monitors (like 49 inches!) That allows them to divide up their working screen into separate spaces to keep everything organized. Keep several different apps open and in view all at once, like a calendar, web browser, work messaging app and needed documents.
  • Get an External Webcam
    Since online video calls are here to stay, go ahead and get a high resolution one that can be mounted wherever is best, not just stuck on the front of a laptop or computer monitor.
  • In-Ear Headphones
    For taking video calls, headphones are a must. But the corded ones get all tangled and look weird when on a call. Sleek in-ear pods (like Apple Airpods) have a great microphone and allow users to hear well while looking sleek.
  • New Wifi Router
    That clunky old ugly router is just a pain and probably doesn’t work very well. Invest in a new wifi router, like the sleek Google Nest, that can be placed somewhere that it doesn’t need to be hidden! Its high performance works even at range.

Read Lisa Kanarek’s Book about Working Naked

After founding her website and company, Kanarek wrote a book to explain the concept of working naked. Working Naked: A Guide to the Bare Essentials of Home Office Life, offers insight and inspiration for those who are currently working from home–or to prepare those who might choose to some day in the future.

Give Yourself Some Kudos

It takes courage to work from home and the courage to try new things. Honor yourself for both and you may find that you make your work-from-home life much easier. Those who make the choice to work from home may find it’s common to want to hide a little. But Lisa encourages people to shout about it from the rooftops–sharing those accomplishments and the strength to make this choice.

Don’t forget to fill those walls with diplomas, accreditations or any certifications that you have earned. Let your clients, as well as yourself, be proud of the journey you are on. Those who hold all of their meetings online should be sure to post evidence of their accomplishments right on the wall behind them so everyone can see! Finally, take this day to find a new way to work! Celebrate National Working Naked Day (however you care to dress!)

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