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Get involved in a good cause by helping an endangered species and the habitat in which they live—and perhaps enjoy learning something new about this animal at the same time! World Coati Day works to raise awareness about and protect these furry creatures who make their home in the south, from Arizona all the way to South America. 

History of World Coati Day

World Coati Day can trace its beginnings back to 2019 when the World Coati Day non-profit organization got its start. The group was founded with the purpose of keeping people involved in and connected with the plight of the coatimundi species. In just a few years, the organization has grown in popularity and gained a significant following through their website, social media, and online newsletters that promote this important cause.

Dedicated to the survival and conservation of this fascinating and unique animal, the hope for World Coati Day is not just to raise awareness but also to provide protection for this underappreciated species. Not only is the coatimundi simply a cute little animal, but it is an invaluable asset to its surrounding habitat. In fact, these little creatures act as ‘landscapers’ and also control pests while fertilizing and promoting new plant growth.

The World Coati Day organization is committed to making environmental changes not only to support this one animal, but also to make a positive impact on their habitats. Important partnerships for this cause have included the Rainforest Trust and Bioparque La Reserva, with whom collaboration has occurred on projects in Columbia and Ecuador. These projects not only help the coati, but also a wide range of other plants and animals who call these areas home.

Other partnerships and collaborations for World Coati Day have included London Zoo, San Diego Zoo, the American Association of Zookeepers, and many more!

How to Celebrate World Coati Day

Check out some of these ideas for getting involved with and celebrating World Coati Day:

Learn Some Facts About Coatis

Get on board with celebrating World Coati Day by learning and sharing some fun bits of trivia about these fascinating creatures.

  • Coatimundis are small mammals that are part of the racoon family, though they have slightly longer noses, longer tails and they aren’t nocturnal like their racoon cousins.

  • Male coatis live solitary lives, but females may dwell in groups (or bands) that may comprise up to 30 members.

  • Coatis can quickly scamper down from the tops of trees headfirst, using a secret tool: ankles that rotate 180 degrees.

  • When baby coatis are young, they are called kittens.

Wear Some World Coati Day Merch

One superb way to show support and raise awareness for World Coati Day might be to grab some coati merchandise and wear it. People who may not even know what a coati is could inquire about the animal on a shirt and then want to learn more about it!

The World Coati Day organization is a supporter of small businesses that supply coati-themed merchandise, with the proceeds going back into the organization to help fund the cause.

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