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Grab a friend, family member or other beloved person and get ready to show them how much they are loved because it’s time for Let’s Hug Day!

History of Let’s Hug Day

Hugging has probably been around since humans discovered what a delight it is to embrace and wrap arms around each other. However it began, it continues to be a way that friends and family members show affection to each other.

And it is interesting to note that the hug is a universal form of showing affection. While certain forms of greeting might change based on culture, like the handshake or the bow or the high five, the hug seems to be universal among almost all cultures in places all over the world.

What was probably known all along but not able to be scientifically proven is the fact that hugs are necessary for humans to thrive. This is especially true for babies after they are born. Children who do not receive hugs and cuddles when they are small usually fail to thrive and grow in the way healthy, well-loved children will.

And adults can certainly benefit from hugs also. In fact, many studies have been made to reveal that hugs can be healthy not only for the mental and emotional benefits, but hugging is also a helpful way to promote better physical health.

So don’t be shy – get ready to celebrate and hug someone on Let’s Hug Day!

How to Celebrate Let’s Hug Day

Try out some of these delightful ideas for enjoying and celebrating on Let’s Hug Day:

Hug Someone on Let’s Hug Day

Of course, the most important thing to do on this day is to give someone you love a big hug. First thing in the morning, grab a family member and give them a big bear hug. Or call up a friend and meet them for coffee, adding in an additional hug just in honor of Let’s Hug Day.

Of course, this day is just the beginning and can act as a great reminder that hugs are fun and healthy any day of the year!

Learn About the Health Benefits of Hugs

Who knew that hugs are not only enjoyable but they can actually assist in improving a person’s health? In celebration of Let’s Hug Day, take a look at some of the ways that practicing regular hugs with beloved people can give a health boost to children and adults alike:

  • Hugs Reduce Stress. As a sign of support and solidarity, hugs provide a boost to mental health. Touch has been proven to reduce the negative impact of painful and stressful situations in humans. And it’s also good for the person who is offering the hug to show support.
  • Hugs Can Improve the Immune System. Hugs may help to increase the protection against illness by offering support, which reduces the risk of getting sick.
  • Hugs May Increase Heart Health. Hugs have been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which are important factors related to heart health.

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