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Dive into a world where rivers come alive, teeming with fish on a mission. These aren’t just any fish. They’re adventurers of the aquatic world, journeying through streams and oceans with purpose and zest.

Picture this vibrant underwater parade, and you’ve got the heart of World Fish Migration Day. It’s a day that casts a spotlight on these finned travelers. It celebrates their incredible journeys and the waterways they call home.

Mark your calendars for May 25, 2024, when World Fish Migration Day will be celebrated worldwide.

This day isn’t just for show. It’s a call to action to protect our water-dwelling friends and the rivers they navigate. From local community gatherings to educational programs, people everywhere unite to spread the word about keeping river paths open and healthy for fish migration.

So, why all the fuss about fish on the move? These creatures play a key role in keeping rivers vibrant, supporting ecosystems crucial for nature and people. But they’re facing hurdles – think dams blocking their paths and pollution muddying their waters.

World Fish Migration Day aims to turn the tide on these challenges. It’s about encouraging everyone to pitch in, ensuring future generations can witness the grand journey of fish in free-flowing rivers.

History of World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) started as a global splash on May 24, 2014, bringing to light the vital journeys of migratory fish and the necessity of free-flowing rivers. It’s a biennial event, which happens every two years, and the World Fish Migration Foundation orchestrates it. This day is not just about fish.

It’s a call to protect our aquatic highways, which are essential for the survival of many fish species and the health of the ecosystems.

The inaugural WFMD had more than 270 events across 53 countries. It engages over 50,000 participants worldwide and shows a wide array of activities, from river clean-ups to educational conferences​​​​.

The significance of WFMD has only grown over the years, with subsequent celebrations expanding in scope and reach.

By 2018, participation skyrocketed, with over 3000 organizations hosting 570 events in 63 countries. It highlighted the day’s increasing global footprint and the collective effort to raise awareness about migratory fish and river ecosystems​​​​.

The day’s activities range from scientific to recreational, all designed to educate and inspire action towards the conservation of migratory fish species and the restoration of their natural habitats.

By engaging a global audience, WFMD aims to foster a greater appreciation for the ecological, cultural, economic, and recreational value of migratory fish, driving home the message that free-flowing rivers full of fish are essential for the health of the planet and the well-being of people who depend on these ecosystems​​​​.

How to Celebrate World Fish Migration Day

Celebrating World Fish Migration Day can be a splash with these quirky and playful activities that shine a light on our finned friends and the importance of free-flowing rivers:

Attend a Happy Fish Q&A Webinar: Dive deep into the world of migratory fish with experts and enthusiasts alike. Share insights, stories, and conservation tips to keep our rivers lively and our fish happy​​.

Create and Compete in an Art Contest: Unleash your inner artist by participating in the Free Flow Art Contest. Whether drawing, painting, or crafting, express your love for migratory fish and rivers. Your artwork might swim to the top​​.

Join a River Clean-up: Get your hands dirty for a good cause. Cleaning up riverbanks helps the environment and provides a perfect setting to learn about the importance of unobstructed rivers for fish migration​​.

Stream a Documentary: Watch and learn about river and fish restoration projects from the comfort of your home. Documentaries like “Love Flows” can be an eye-opener and a conversation starter for your next online meet-up​​.

Admire Fish-Inspired Public Art: Discover how art meets science through the West Coast Salmon Murals, a project that brings the story of Pacific salmon to life. These murals celebrate the fish’s journey and highlight the need for conservation​​.

Learn from the Fish Themselves: Get inspired by the incredible journeys of migratory fish like the ‘o’opu ‘alamo’o, which climbs waterfalls in Hawaii, or the gilded catfish of the Amazon, embarking on some of the longest freshwater migrations​​.

Participate in the Global Swimways Marathon: Engage with a worldwide audience in a 24-hour webinar marathon. This event showcases efforts and projects focused on migratory fish conservation across different regions​​.

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