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Every June 29th
Founded in
29 June 1957
Founded by
World Design Organization

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Industrial designers envision products that fill homes, offices, hospitals, and schools. These visionaries serve diverse working environments and create innovations to help serve the leaders of the global economy.

They work tirelessly and out of sight to give people the best tools of the trade. World Industrial Design Day is a day dedicated to the industrial designers that create the vision of the future.

This holiday is for teaching people about the history of industrial design and potentially getting people interested in the profession.

History of World Industrial Design Day

Industrial design is the profession of designing products for millions of people every day. Almost every product used in a person’s home today was invented by designers working hard to make sure that people can live their lives easier. The profession began during the early 19th century when the industrial revolution began in Britian.

The Great Exhibition was held in 1851 as one of the first exhibitions to showcase industrial design on an international scale, helping influence the United States in their mass production.

People such as Robert Lepper, Herbert Reed, Robert Venturi, and Joseph Claude Sinel have all greatly influenced the world of industrial design. They crafted effective equipment that has helped shape the modern generation. Cars, phones, toasters, you name it.

All of those products have touched the hands of one industrial designer to another, been thought over, and executed so you can have the best quality of life. The holiday was first entered US Congressional Record in 2015 by US Rep. Gerald E. Connolly.

This date marks the anniversary of the founding of Industrial Designers Society of America. World Industrial Design Day aims to show appreciation to this craft and hopes to gain potential artists a new venue for income and expertise.

How to Celebrate World Industrial Design Day

If you’re looking to celebrate World Industrial Design Day, then begin by attending an industrial design expo. Learn about some of the most influential industrial designers of the past and the most modern ones that are influencing our culture today.

Try your hand at design yourself and pay attention to the products you use every day that you would normally take for granted. Share this information with friends and family and if you are an artist that loves design, then try your attempts at applying for a degree in industrial design and see where it takes you.