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With the purpose of building bridges between businesses and their consumers, World Marketing Day is here to celebrate the essential role that marketing plays in the world. From driving innovation to fostering understanding and shaping patterns of consumers, this is a time to show appreciation for the strategy, dedication and creativity that marketing professionals put into their work! 

History of World Marketing Day

Sometimes also called the International Day of Marketing, this event was started in 2023 to shine a light on the profound impact and contribution that marketing makes to society today. The European Marketing Confederation had a hand in establishing this event, along with the support of some organizations such as the World Marketing Summit, Kotler Impact and others.

World Marketing Day is scheduled to take place each year on May 27th. This day is momentous as it represents the 1931 birth date of Philip Kotler, who is often considered to be the “father of modern marketing”. As modern marketing has given way to impact marketing, the concept of marketing has evolved to allow more stakeholders to play a part in the positive impact, which also works to build profit.

Each year, the Board of the European Marketing Confederation has decided to recognize a person of outstanding merit within the marketing world. During the inaugural observance of World Marketing Day in 2023, the person recognized was none other than Philip Kotler whose birthday the event seeks to honor!

How to Celebrate World Marketing Day

Check out some of these ideas to get involved with observing and celebrating World Marketing Day:

Thank a Marketing Person

For those who don’t work in marketing but work with them, whether contracted out or within an organization, World Marketing Day is a perfect opportunity to say thank you and show some appreciation to the individuals and teams in the marketing department. Give them a card, buy them a coffee or offer an extra high-five when passing by to let them know that what they do is important and appreciated.

Share Marketing Knowledge and Exchange Information

In the business world, and particularly related to marketing, the connections, contacts and networks that are created can make or break the amount of effectiveness possible. One of the best ways to celebrate World Marketing Day is for those in the field to use this opportunity to build bridges and forge relationships within the marketing and business world. This is a great time to move toward collaborations, build community and share information for a more sustainable impact locally and with partners around the world.

Join a Marketing Community

Get more connected and inspired by joining a marketing community in celebration of World Marketing Day. Take a look at some local communities, or consider Kotler Impact, which is a global group that was founded by Philip Kotler himself. This visionary group includes access to courses, degrees, resources and much more, with the purpose of employing sustainable economic development throughout the future.

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