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One of the biggest health crises faced today by the people of the world, obesity affects nearly one in six people. In fact, approximately 800 million people in today’s world are living with obesity, and more are affected by it, including friends and family members of those who struggle.

Obesity is more than simply being a few pounds overweight, but it is the point where this presents a risk factor to health. Millions of people die each year from problems related to obesity.

History of World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day finds its roots in regional obesity days, one of which was European Obesity Day which got its start in 2010. This grass roots campaign started with a small group of doctors and patients who were concerned about the growing obesity health crisis. European Obesity Day grew into a major event that included participants from many countries across the region.

World Obesity Day followed a few years later, launched in 2015 as part of the World Obesity Federation’s initiative to raise awareness and support practical solutions. World Obesity Day is working to help people learn and get resources to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and reverse this health crisis in countries all over the world.

Until 2019, World Obesity Day took place in October, but in 2020 the day changed to March 4.

The hope for World Obesity Day is that everyone will work together to ensure happier, healthier and longer lives for people all over the world. One particularly concerning factor is that childhood obesity is on the rise, with a projected 60% increase in the number of children who will face childhood obesity by 2030.

World Obesity Day is here to raise awareness about the issues, encourage resources and provide ways for communities to solve these problems together. Instead of shaming those who struggle with weight problems, communities are encouraged to create a safe environment where people can make an effort to be their healthiest!

How to Celebrate World Obesity Day

Get involved with World Obesity Day by raising awareness and showing support locally and in person with some of these ideas:

Attend a World Obesity Day Event

Those who live in a place where events are taking place can choose to show support by attending and getting involved. It might even be fun to volunteer in advance to help with setup, tear down or other needs. World Obesity Day events might include fun runs or walks, educational events, health care screenings and more. Stay apprised of larger events by signing up for the World Obesity Day newsletter at their website.

Make Healthy Choices

Individuals can celebrate World Obesity Day by implementing slightly healthier habits in their lifestyles. Go for a walk or some other activity. Exchange a candy bar for a piece of fruit. Replace soda with a big bottle of water. Practice intermittent fasting (if doctor-approved). Making small, healthy choices can make a huge impact over the long run when it comes to staying fit and active.

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