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Let’s not be afraid to speak the common sense truth: you can’t have high standards without good discipline.
~ William Hague

While we here at Days Of The Year hold to an adage of having fun, loving yourself for who you are, and living life without limitations, there are times when a rigid set of standards are necessary for excellence. The International Organization for Standardization works to produce the standards by which the world operates, and established World Standards Day to bring awareness to its cause and ambition.

History of World Standards Day
World Standards Day wasn’t established to set personal standards or act as a form of police on how people should behave, instead, they were established to set standards by which modern cities would be judged. Simple things, like sufficient fresh water, a drive towards cleaner energy, efficient transportation from one area of the city to another, as well as to distant locals, all come together to form a set of standards for cities to strive towards. The goal is to provide a future where cities are all intelligently designed with a target towards safety and security and a high quality of life.

In the past these sorts of ambitions were difficult to achieve, without some form of, you guessed it, standard to judge them by. International Standards aid these cities by researching and providing solutions that are tailor made to solve the issues unique to each city. The International Organization for Standardization strives every day to help world leaders and civic engineers find new and innovative ways to improve every aspect of urban living, and World Standards Day is an occasion that was established to help bring awareness to their labors and the hopes for the future.

How to Celebrate World Standards Day
Celebrating World Standards Day can occur in many ways, and it starts with celebrating the good things your city has to offer that were in no doubt brought about by establishing higher standards. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to look at the unpleasant side of things. Take a look around your neighborhood and find the kinds of issues that everyone is facing, whether it’s a lack of a proper security force or insufficient access to good clean water and sanitation. Bring these issues to the attention of your city council, and provide photographs and petitions from your neighbors to see these situations resolved. World Standards Day is your opportunity to ensure that your neighborhood is living up to being a “Smart City”.

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