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Enjoy this day that celebrates an amazing, crunchy, healthful snack! World Tiger Nut Day offers an ideal opportunity to learn more, raise awareness and show some love for this tiny little snack that packs a powerful punch. 

History of World Tiger Nut Day

Cultivated by humans for many centuries, the tiger nut is actually not a nut at all, but it is from the tuber family, like the sweet potato or carrot. The tiger nut got its name from the sort of striped exterior it has, resembling the stripes of the largest living cat species.

Originating from North Africa, the tiger nut has been popular in Europe for several centuries and made its way to North America in the mid-19th century. It is grown in California and some of the southern states, but has not been extremely popular in the US in recent years.

World Tiger Nut Day was established in 2019 by the Tiger Nut Company, with the hope of raising awareness about this delicious and nutritious nut, bringing it into the forefront of people’s minds and encouraging them to enjoy it. In addition, the day was started to show appreciation for the tiger nut growers and their communities, encouraging sustainable and ecologically friendly farming practices, and spreading the love of the tiger nut all throughout the globe!

How to Celebrate World Tiger Nut Day

Interested in ideas for getting connected with World Tiger Nut Day? Consider some of these activities and ways to get involved:

Eat Some Tiger Nuts

Get excited about celebrating World Tiger Nut Day with the most obvious activity – by eating and enjoying some tiger nuts! These nuts can be found at many grocery stores, health food stores or supermarkets, usually stocked in the aisle with various other types of nuts. They can be eaten as a simple crunchy snack food on their own, or combined with other foods as a topping for cereals, smoothies, yogurt, salads and more. Tiger nuts can even be made into tiger nut flour which can be used in gluten free cooking and baking.

Learn Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts 

Wondering if it would be a good idea to start including tiger nuts as part of a healthy diet? In honor of World Tiger Nut Day, perhaps it would be interesting to get involved by learning a bit more about the health benefits of tiger nuts. Check out some of these to get started with:

  • Tiger nuts may reduce blood sugar levels, possibly due to their high fiber content which can help to slow down that absorption of sugar in the body.

  • Some studies have shown that tiger nuts may be helpful in boosting the immune system and fighting off infections caused by bacteria.

  • Tiger nuts may be good for heart health. These tubers are high in monounsaturated fats, with a profile similar to heart healthy olive oil.

  • High in the resistant starch type of insoluble fiber, tiger nuts may act as a helpful digestive aid.

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