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Grief and loss makes a profound impact on every human being, and it can be complicated to navigate in the aftermath of death of someone close to you. Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month offers an opportunity to show kindness and care to someone who is grieving the loss of a sibling. 

History of Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month

The pain and sorrow experienced by a person who has lost a brother or sister is particularly unique and has its own specific challenges. Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month was founded to honor and attend to those whose siblings have died.

This annual celebration was established to give special attention to those siblings who are bereaved. It is a time that friends and family members of someone who has lost a sibling can reach out and check in to acknowledge and remember their sibling with them.

Because everyone grieves differently, the way each person responds to this event can be guided by their own personal sense of need and desire. Because of this, Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month can be a great time to listen, care for someone who has lost a sibling, and follow their lead in how they might want to observe this event.

How to Observe Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month

Take special care during Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month with some of these plans for observing and celebrating the life of a sibling:

Make a Memory in Honor of a Sibling

Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month offers a particular opportunity for people to share stories about the siblings that they lost. Whether recently or many years ago, the loss of a brother or sister is still profound and deserves to be noted. One way a bereaved person can observe this day is by making a memory or creating a ritual in their sibling’s honor. Perhaps make it a tradition to go to their favorite donut place, watch their favorite movie, read their favorite poem or hike their favorite trail. Those who want to engage with others online might snap a photo of the experience to share on social media.

Read a Book for Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month

Children and teens who have lost a sibling have especially complicated challenges to overcome. One way to help some teens and young adults to talk about their feelings of grief as they grow and change might be to encourage them to read some books that feature stories about similar losses. Consider some of these young adult fiction books that might be appropriate for reading during Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month:

  • Sorry for Your Loss by Jessie Ann Foley (2019)
  • Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe by Preston Norton (2018)
  • This Might Hurt a Bit by Doogie Horner (2019)
  • We Were Beautiful by Heather Hepler (2019)

Join a Grief Support Group

Many people who are bereaved find that processing through their emotions and experiences with a support group offers them opportunities for healing. In honor of Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month, it might be helpful to research groups in the local area or online and consider attending one.

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