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Most of us cherish and celebrate Mother’s Day, and we all know it. But have you heard of Stepmother’s Day? If you haven’t, no worries; it’s been officially celebrated for only two decades.

As the name implies, it is dedicated to stepmothers, and it is the day that’s celebrated on the Sunday after Mother’s Day. 

For many stepmothers out there, it stands as a recognition of their pivotal role in the family’s dynamics. And that role shifts from a supporter to caregiver, from a mediator to someone with strong moral values, from a wife to a stepmother.

And that ain’t easy. We all need to acknowledge that when a stepmother enters a new family, she needs to adapt to the children and their routines, offer unlimited love and support, and contribute to the household’s well-being. 

So, instead of feeling odd when Mother’s Day comes, a Stepmother’s Day was established to honor the dedication to the family the stepmother provides and acknowledge them as hidden heroes in the blended families.

They play the role of the mother when the biological mother is not around and provide a female role model for the kids in the family. 

History of Stepmother’s Day

This is a relatively recent officially recognized day, as it was initiated about 20 years ago. It was the idea of a 9-year-old girl named Lizzie Capuzzi who felt deeply about her stepmother Joyce and wanted to give her the appreciation she deserved for being a stepmom.

It would have remained an idea only if she hadn’t sent a letter to Senator Rick Santorum, who was willing to push the idea further. In 2000, it was officially in the Congressional Records. Since then, more and more people have embraced this day as a perfect opportunity to honor the stepmothers they know.

How to Celebrate Stepmother’s Day

This day is a wonderful opportunity to show real appreciation and respect to any stepmother you know. Here are some suggestions on how to do so:

Gift to Remember 

It is never all about gifts. However, a beautiful gift that will remind her of how appreciated and loved she is will always be welcome.

If she’s a keen reader, then a book she wanted to get or a Kindle is a good option to consider. You might also check out a watch or a nice piece of jewelry as recognition and token of admiration. Add to this a nicely-versed note to make an impression.

A Letter or Handwritten Note

If you want to go deep and touch her heart, then pour your feelings on a piece of paper and write down all the good things she’s done in your life. This can be an incredibly moving moment and one to remember for a long time.

Family Gathering

Organize a meal where all family members are invited and ask them to say a few words about her and her role in the family. It can be an informal lunch in the back garden or a fancy family dinner. 

Spend Quality Time Together

If this is your stepmom, you already know what she loves doing in her free time. Organize an experience trip or event and have fun. If that’s hard to do, watch a film together, go shopping, or visit a gallery or a museum.

Create a Memory Book

This is bound to touch her emotions as she goes through the carefully selected photos, notes, and mementos that show how loved she is.

Social Media Recognition

After recognizing her vital role in a family, publishing a photo of you together and expressing public gratitude for having her in your life can make her feel very valuable and respected. Can you imagine her reaction when she starts reading all the comments and positive words? Yes, it’s something to remember.

Time for Herself

Today, you and other family members should do everything she normally does in the household. Make this day feel very special for her by gifting her a day of pampering with a voucher for a spa, massage, or beauty treatment. What a delight!

She Has the Final Say

Let her choose how she’d like to spend the day. Although she might have something else on her mind, since this day is all about her, she gets the final word.

So, regardless of what you opt for, the best way to celebrate is to tailor the activities or gifts to what would make your stepmother feel most appreciated. It’s the thought and the recognition of her unique role in the family that truly counts.

And, even though she is not related to you by blood, she’s connected to you with her heart and does everything to make you happy and satisfied. 

And if you are a stepmom, congratulations! You’ve done an awesome job so far, so enjoy the day. You deserve it!

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