At Days Of The Year, we receive hundreds of applications for Days, Weeks and Months. To ensure that all of the events listed on our website meet a high standard, we ask that each person fills out an application with as much detail as possible.

If you wish to submit an event, it needs to already exist in some form. If your celebration does not exist yet please look at our FAQ’s as to how to get started and create a following.

If you have you changed or updated the dates of your event please get in touch with us asap so that we can update our calendar accordingly. You can reach us via email or use the contact page.


We do ask for you to provide a brief but comprehensive description of your Day. Based on this information our content is written in a particular style and tone which is designed to resonate with and please our audience.

Please also be aware that we “globalize” all of the days in our calendar (i.e., we remove words like ‘National’ ‘World’ ‘International’ (unless declared by the UN) ) in almost all cases. This is an editorial decision and one which we very rarely compromise on.

If no content is provided we will write about your event based on any information on your website, and as part of our research and verification process.

We do ask for a website where possible, and this must be centered around the event in question. Please do not list a website that has no information about your event, such as a brand only page.

We only list websites on our calendar that are specifically about the event and provide information for our readers about the event and not a brand.

Please do be aware that we are a PG-13 site and are used by many schools and need to ensure that we maintain our family friendly ethics. If you are suggesting an Adult themed day then this will not be considered.

In order to ensure that you have the greatest chance of success with your application please read through our FAQ’s to ensure that you have covered all the information that we need. Not sure of something then please get in touch.


Once an application is submitted it will be reviewed by a member of our team to ensure that it follows our guidelines. Once reviewed you will receive an email to advise you if the application has been successful or not.

If it has not been successful then we will advise you as to how to grow your event, or create a following. You will also be invited to reapply when the event is more widely recognized and celebrated.

If it has been successful then we will endeavor to add your event two months prior to the date. Do keep this in mind when submitting your application. We can on rare occasions speed up this process however this may incur a cost, please contact us in regards to this for us to discuss.


The more information you provide in your application the more likely it is to be accepted so think about the how and why behind your event and show us why it should be included in our calendar.

We do not accept birthdays, celebrity/historical birthdays, anniversary, historical anniversary, workshops or seminar submissions. Any application referring to any of these will be disregarded.

All applications are free and confidential.


  • Please search our calendar to see if it is already on there.
  • This must for the event in question, not a company website.
  • You must write an original description. Do not copy text written by others. Please note that we will not use advertorials/press releases.
  • Click here to read our terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • Please note that we may or may not use, but will use as inspiration for finding an appropriate image.
  • One line applications will be dismissed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.