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Submit a Day

We would love to work with you in regards to your day. Every Day submitted is entered into a content creation queue and will be added as soon as possible. We try to add as many as we can the month prior to the date provided however this can take longer. Please do bare with us as we do have a long queue of days to work through and to be fair to everyone that submits a day we are currently working in date order. Thank you for understanding.

Please provide as much information as possible to support your application. One line applications will be dismissed. 

If you do not provide enough information we may email to ask you to elaborate on why we should include your day. Give us the story on why you would like to designate a Day / Month. Historical information, awards, founding date, etc are examples of what we are looking for and the more information you can provide helps us include your day on our site.

Please note that submissions do not guarantee inclusion on our website or other properties – all submissions are reviewed in line with our editorial guidelines and site policies.

  • We are quite strict on what we list – please look at our guidelines
  • We generally require that there needs to be a community celebrating the day, or the potential for a new day to go viral globally (eg big brand sponsorship).
  • Occasionally, we invest our own resources into promoting a new day, in order to build a community and launch the day – we only do this in special cases and cannot do this for all days submitted.
  • It can take up to several weeks to review submissions, and to research and write information (ie we can’t add a day “tomorrow”)

From our guidelines – “It’s not enough to just want to name a Day and have it celebrated by you and a few of your friends; these Days are communities in their own right and have active followings all year round.”

I organize an established Day – can you help me promote it?

We’d love to hear from you and to help promote your event. Why not check out our advertising options, or contact us?

All submissions are free and confidential. Please do be aware that we are a PG-13 site and are used my many schools and need to ensure that we maintain our family friendly ethics. If you are suggesting an Adult themed day then this will not be considered.

Please be aware that we currently have a queue of days awaiting approval, our team is working through them as quickly as possible. 

One line applications will be dismissed.