We would love to work with you in regards to your day. We try to add as many as we can the month prior to the date provided however this can take longer.

Please do bear with us as we do have a long queue of days to work through and to be fair to everyone that submits a day we are currently working in date order. Thank you for understanding.

Please note that submissions do not guarantee inclusion on our Calendar or other properties – all submissions are reviewed in line with our editorial guidelines and site policies.

Please read these guidelines and then fill in our online form.

  • When you submit an event, you are acknowledging that you are the originating sponsor of this Day and that you are then prepared to file renewal information about your event yearly to Days Of The Year for as long as it exists. This is a free process.
  • If you wish to submit a special day, week or month, it needs to already exist.
  • If your Day does not exist yet please look at our FAQ’s as to how you can found your Day and get people talking about it.
  • Provide content for the page – we require a minimum of 500 words on the Day itself. This must include background/history, the inspiration for the day, how to get involved, etc.
  • Please keep in mind the following;
    • Flesch Reading Ease score – as we are used mainly by schools the content must be easy to read.
    • Use an active voice to talk about your day. A passive voice makes your writing more distant and your message less clear.
    • Keeping paragraphs and sentences short again makes your message clear and easy to read.
  • If no content is provided this will be given to our content writer to write about your day based on any information given or on your website.
  • Submissions must include an email for our administrative purposes.
  • Do not list a website that has no information about your Day ie. a brand only page. We only list websites that are specifically about the Day and provide information about that Day.
  • Do not use the online form to renew a Day already on the site. For renewals, you must email info@daysoftheyear.com or contact us through the contact us page.
  • We do not accept birth anniversary, historical anniversary, celebrity birthday, workshop or seminar submissions.

All submissions are free and confidential. Please do be aware that we are a PG-13 site and are used my many schools and need to ensure that we maintain our family friendly ethics. If you are suggesting an Adult themed day then this will not be considered.

Please be aware that we currently have a queue of days awaiting approval, our team is working through them as quickly as possible.

One line applications will be dismissed.

Submit a Day or Month

  • Please also advise if the date reoccurs on the SAME date or has a pattern ie Third Wednesday of March