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January, 2017 will be...


Every January

With the cold weather still in abundance, January is the perfect month to celebrate and enjoy soup of all kinds.

From thick, creamy, calorie laden soup (also known as a Bisque or Chowder), to the water-based and healthier broth or consommé, and the vegetable-laden chili and gazpacho, almost every country around the world has it’s own special recipe. Most restaurants also offer a home-made “soup of the day” as a starter course, so why not expand your pallet and try a new flavour for Soup Month?

It is thought that soup could trace back as far as the Neolithic Age, with evidence suggesting that people who should have died out through natural selection were kept alive for a long time before the discovery of Milk, which was later used to keep such people alive. Soup seems the most likely way to nourish these people – perhaps a broth made of boiling water and meat.

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