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Born August 14, 1983 in Chernivitsi, Ukraine, as Milena Kunis, Mila and her family took a trip to the United States where they made their home when she was seven years old. It was not too long after that, she took her first, tiny steps into the world of acting, taking parts in commercials and small roles in TV shows when the opportunities came up to do so. Being a successful actor was something she longed for and she went out to do what she needed to do to make it happen. Spoiler: she made it!

Finding Fame in Forman’s Basement

Mila’s first major role was as the much-beloved character Jackie Burkhart – a feisty 70s teenager who loved her clothes almost as much as she love her boyfriend, Michael Kelso, played by Mila’s now real-life husband, Ashton Kutcher.

A fun fact about this particular role is that Mila actually lied about her age to bag the part. Mila was only 14 when she made her ‘That 70s Show’ debut, but her maturity and obvious acting ability meant that few people watching would have known just how young she was as they tuned in to watch her relationship with Kelso unfold.

Meg’s Voice and Movies Galore

Another notable role for Mila was undoubtedly her turn as Meg Griffin in ‘Family Guy’, which showed that Kunis was just as capable of succeeding as a voice actor as she was of acting in front of the camera, and few people did not have sympathy for the downtrodden teen she portrayed, who was so often the butt of her family’s cruelty and bad jokes!

A Black Swan Takes Flight

Not content to sit back and cruise on her TV success, Kunis showed the critics what she could really do when she starred in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Black Swan.’ Throwing herself fully into the role, and putting her body through a grueling ballet training schedule, she pulled it out of the bag, nailed the part and proved that she could do more than be funny on TV. So good was she that she even won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for this role.

Life Outside the Silver Screen

When she’s not on screen, Kunis is still one to watch due to her killer sense of humor and infectious laughter, which is why so many people tune in whenever she is on a talk show.

Of course, she’s also married to fellow ‘That 70s Show’ star Ashton Kutcher, which feels kinda like Jackie and Kelso got their happy ending after all!

In Mila’s words, “I think everybody should be pro-love.” This is a simple, but surprisingly profound sentiment that she really seems to live her life by. Whether she’s performing a grand jeté or delivering a perfectly timed punchline, she is an actress no one can ignore.

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