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You’ve tested all the smoke detectors in your house to ensure the batteries are fresh and working, you’ve applied a decal to all the windows where your children sleep, and made sure your fire extinguishers were charged. Then you took the time to drill the kids on what to do in case of a fire and patted yourself on the back as you settled down to read a book before bed. A purring ball of warm fur bumps its head against your arm, demanding love and attention. That’s when it strikes you.

What have you done to prepare for your animals in a fire?

Pet Fire Safety Day Is For The Rest Of Your Family

While we all love the feathered, furred, and scaled members of our family, sometimes we forget that when we’re preparing for a disaster, they have to be taken into account as well. We’ve taken care of everyone else, but what have we done for our pets? Thankfully Pet Fire Safety Day has encouraged a compilation of ideas to help ensure your animals are protected during a fire as well.

  • To Each Member, A Pet – Start off by designating a family member for each pet. If a fire starts, you’ll know who is responsible for who, and that will help everyone get to safety.
  • Owners, Know Your Pets – In times of danger, all pets have a favorite place to hide. Being aware of them will make sure you know where to look if a fire breaks out.
  • Decals For Pet Alert – Just like we have decals to mark windows where children live, you can include a decal that announces the presence of a pet in your home.

  • Prepare An Alternate Home – You and your family can be admitted to a temporary shelter, but the animal members of your family won’t be. Make sure you have somewhere for them to stay after the fire until your whole family can go home.
  • Drill! Drill! Drill! – Practice makes perfect, and during an emergency, you don’t want to have to think about what you do next. A fire drill for your family ensures that in the event that a fire breaks out, there’s no question as to what each member needs to do.
  • Fire Prevention Includes Your Pets – Pets are occasionally known to have accidentally started fires. When you leave the home remove the knobs from your stove, keep them away from open flame and use flameless candles, and try to isolate them to areas near the door when leaving home in case of fire.

Following these simple rules and practices will help preserve the safety and health of your entire family during a fire. Pet Fire Safety Day reminds you that you all need to be prepared in the event of a tragedy like a house fire, don’t wait to prepare your family!

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