The kids are heading back to school and while some people are embracing the end of summer I am starting to think about Halloween and Fall! It is my favorite time of year and I love that I can get my fluffy jumpers out.

But before all of that September has a number of celebrations that I will be taking part in. One of the things I would really like to try is making sourdough bread! After all, it is Sourdough September!

Wildlife Day

I am not fortunate enough to live near a forest of national park so the only way I can really see wildlife is heading to a zoo. I love animals and I am always concerned with how they are treated. I have found that the zoo’s that I have visited in the past all have conservation at the forefront of their efforts.

Camels at Zurich Zoo

For example one of the best zoos that we have in the UK is Chester Zoo there have been going through great lengths to not only preserve and expand near-extinct animals but they also focus on plants as well.

One of the best pieces of news that have come out of Chester Zoo lately is that their Red Pandas have just had kittens! This is amazing news for the Panda population as a whole.

Going to a zoo is the closest that I am going to get to any wildlife!

Hug Your Hound Day

You should now by now know my feelings towards dogs, if not, I LOVE THEM! They may not always like me but I love dogs! If there is a dog anywhere I will go and introduce myself to the dog first then it’s human.

I don’t have a dog but Patch my cat I trained like a dog so he is the closest I have but, I also get to live vicariously through you lot as well. On our Facebook page, you filled the comments with all of your lovely furbabies!

Video Games Day

Back in the day, I was a very big gamer. I can not tell you the number of hours that I have sunk into a variety of games. From Zelda to Mario and Final Fantasy to Blur.

Nowadays I am more likely to be chilling out playing on either my Switch or my PC. On my Switch, I am playing Pokemon, yes what of it. Then on the PC, I am playing Minecraft but a heavily modified version of it.

Nintendo Switch and a Scrabble necklace from Etsy

There are huge communities and support networks out there for people who are fans of different games and with Pro-gaming becoming more and more of a thing, thanks to Fortnite, people are seeing it less of a past time and more of a career. What do you think?

International Red Panda Day

I love red pandas. They are amazing creatures and if I am ever in a zoo I always try to find them and read about how the particular zoo is helping in the conservation efforts.

Did you know that the red panda is primarily crepuscular — active at dawn or dusk — but they can be active any time of the day, much like a cat! And much like a cat, they do not like having their photo taken. This is one of my attempts to take a photo of them.

Red Panda at Zurich Zoo

Not the best photo but this is the best that I could do. Here are some photos that you lot have taken.

White Chocolate Day

I actually really like white chocolate. Which is often a great debt in our house as Jon does not like it. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing because I can eat all the white chocolate!

White Chocolate from York Cocoa House

My favorite has to be the White Kitkat Chunky’s. Mmmmmm! Good white chocolate is hard to come by for me and If I ever find any I buy it up. One of my goto chocolates is from the York Cocoa House. It is delish and would recommend getting a bar if you can.

Binge Day

So we all have that one series that we have been putting off on bingeing because we just don’t have time for it. Well, Binge Day is the day that we all put our feet up and get snug on the sofa and get to watching that film or tv series that we have been putting off.

I have a few that I have been putting off but today I gave in and had a binge!

So did I manage to make a sourdough bread loaf? Well, no is the short answer. I had so much travel booked in for this month that I wasn’t at home long enough to actually feed it as much as it needed. But I will certainly be giving it another go.

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