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Every neighborhood has them, the grouch who shouts at kids to stay off their lawn, mine had two actually. Every day they’d stand out with their dour expression, scowling as kids and neighbors alike went by on their daily rounds. They’d grump about neighbors barking dogs, complain about how the neighborhood was better when they moved here, and generally be a cranky old curmudgeon about everything they can find to be curmudgeonly about.

Why Be Nice To A Grouch?

Seriously, when they’re giving you all the grief in the world, why would you want to be nice to a grouch? When someone spends a good majority of their time and energy trying to be as miserable as possible to the people around them, it hardly makes anyone want to go out of their way to do something nice for them.

Well, in part, this day isn’t just for the permanently grouchy. We all have bad days, where our normally sunny dispositions are influenced by a lack of sleep, not enough coffee, other people being grouchy, or any number of possible things that just plain ruin our day. As we all know, nothing makes us feel better about a bad day then making sure someone ELSE has a bad day.

This is where “Do A Grouch A Favor Day” comes in. During this yearly event, it’s time to go out of our way to help try to turn a grouch’s frown upside-down. Something simple like placing their favorite soda on their desk at work can go miles to improving their day, or you can complement them on what they’re wearing. Whatever you do, it’s bound to make their day (and let’s be honest, the day of everyone else around them) a whole lot better for your efforts.

When “Do A Grouch A Favor Day” rolls around, keep an eye out for those having the worst day, and see what you can do to spread a little cheer. The world needs it, heck, you need it. Maybe one day it won’t be you doing the ungrouching, it’ll be that person who remembers a little bit of kindness from someone taking steps to brighten up your day. That’s what the whole thing is about, helping to bring a little bit of cheer into a world that sometimes shows a decided surfeit of it. Don’t let your good deeds end with Do A Grouch A Favor Day either! You can keep the spirit of this most uplifting of days going all year long!