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All that is known for sure is that endometriosis is endemic and that it cannot be cured. Management is the best hope. This makes for treatments that are, if I am being polite, based on trial and error. If I am feeling less generous, they are shots in the dark.

Rose George

Endometriosis is a disease that many women wish they were told about sooner. Because it sometimes takes until the late 30’s early 40’s to be diagnosed, many end up suffering the symptoms of the disease for years without any possible early intervention.

Endometriosis Awareness Week is a holiday all about making progress to understand endometriosis and finding better ways it can be treated.

History of Endometriosis Awareness Week

Endometriosis occurs when the lining of the uterus grows in other areas of the body, such as the abdominal cavity, forming blood-filled cysts and scar tissue. Endometriosis Awareness Week aims to promote a greater understanding of endometriosis.

Helping women understand that it’s a disease that is greatly undiagnosed and remove the taboos associated with women talking about their monthly periods and physical health, and aiming to improve the study of endometriosis amongst the medical profession.

Endometriosis Awareness Week began in 1993 when Mary Lou Ballweg alongside eight other women founded an Endometriosis Awareness Week during their annual Endometriosis Association’s roundtable in Milwaukee. The Endometriosis Association began in 1980 by Mary Lou Ballweg and Carolyn Keith, who eventually grew into one of the most successful organizations for endometriosis.

Having a network in 66 countries throughout the world. Endometriosis Awareness Week began to bloom from their overall success, even when during the beginning of their ventures, they had not much success due to how taboo it was and the lack of research on the topic.

As one of the organization’s most successful holidays, Endometriosis Awareness Week hopes that the medical profession will use this holiday as a way to seek better practices and help those affected by endometriosis to be given an opportunity to help make a difference.

How to Celebrate Endometriosis Awareness Week

Endometriosis Awareness Week is all about taking action. Start by joining a support session to connect with women who most recently got diagnosed or have experience in finding treatments for endometriosis.

Call a helpline through organizations such as Endometriosis UK and speak with a representative about finding options and resources. You can also donate to your favorite organization in hopes of finding potential treatment options for the future and volunteer at your trusted organization for future campaigns and events.

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