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With a deep respect for tradition along with a warm and hospitable streak, Albanians claim a population of more than 8 million people throughout the globe, though most of them do not actually live in Albania. Albanian Independence Day is here to learn more about and celebrate this unique and interesting culture! 

History of Albanian Independence Day

Albanian Independence Day has been celebrated for more than a century, lifting the spirits of the Albanian people and also working to inspire hope and change. While the history of the Albanian people and their diaspora dates back much further, Albanian Independence Day is observed in commemoration of an event that took place on November 28, 1912. It was on this day that the Albanian Declaration of Independence was ratified by the congress, and leader Ismail Qemali raised the national flag in the city of Vlora while declaring independence for the people of Albania.

The history and current politics of Albania are complicated even today, with differing opinions about the way the borders have fallen. Large populations of Albanians live in neighboring countries such as Kosovo and North Macedonia as well as smaller populations in Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Italy and many other places all over the world. In fact, more Albanians live outside the country of Albania than inside.

But no matter where they live, whether in the geographical borders of the country or as part of the diaspora spread across nearby countries or throughout the globe, Albanians can be united together as a people group through their common heritage by celebrating Albanian Independence Day.

How to Celebrate Albanian Independence Day

Show some support and appreciation for this people group by observing Albanian Independence Day with some of these ideas:

Celebrate Albanian Culture

An excellent way to participate and get connected with Albanian Independence Day might be to join with some Albanian friends in honor of this day that is sometimes known as Albanian Flag Day. Enjoy a wide range of cultural experiences such as foods (like byrek) and traditional music, perhaps while flying the red and black Albanian flag for good measure.

Learn Interesting Facts About Albania 

One good way for non-Albanians to learn about another part of the world and be involved with Albanian Independence Day might be to enjoy some interesting trivia and fun facts about the country itself. Parents and teachers can make this into an interesting cultural lesson while others might choose to share on social media. Check out some of these facts about Albanian culture to get started with:

  • Unlike most places in the world, in Albania the head nod and the head shake are opposites: up and down means no, while side to side means yes

  • Most Albanians are deep lovers of coffee – and the myriad of coffee shops around can attest to this fact!

  • 70% of the landscape of the country of Albania is mountainous terrain with beautiful routes for trekking and hiking

  • Like Spanish culture, the Albanians have a “siesta” type break that typically takes place from 2-5pm or so, when the shops close and the people take an extended afternoon coffee break

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