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Ring ring! Hello? Who’s there?

Take a moment to honor this master inventor of the telephone and other innovations on Alexander Graham Bell Day!

History of Alexander Graham Bell Day

Born in Scotland in 1847, Bell was educated in what is now the UK and then eventually moved to North America in his early 20s. But even from an early age, Bell was interested and curious about the world around him. By the age of 12 he had invented a de-husking machine that his friend’s family used at their flour mill for many years.

Alexander Graham Bell Day is celebrated on this particular day because it is the anniversary of the day, in 1876, when the patent was granted for Bell’s machine that would eventually become the telephone. Although he was not the only person to work on such an invention, Bell was the first one to get the patent for this type of machine.

In addition to his work on the telephone, Bell had other accomplishments. He was the second president for the National Geographic Society and also is credited with inventing the metal detector and the Hydrodome, which was a watercraft that was revolutionary at the time. Also, through the inspiration of his mother who was partially deaf, Bell married a deaf woman and worked with the deaf community all his life.

Alexander Graham Bell Day celebrates the innovation, invention and creativity of those working in the fields of science, engineering, technology and more.

How to Celebrate Alexander Graham Bell Day

Get on board and get inspired by Alexander Graham Bell Day! Consider some of these ways to spend the day:

Get Creative and Innovative

The hope for Alexander Graham Bell Day is that he would be an inspiration and motivator for those who are looking to be innovative and creative with technology today. Take a class at the local community college. Perform some science experiments in the kitchen or garage. Or get together with a group of tech geeks and learn from their wisdom!

Encourage Innovation in Kids

Alexander Graham Bell Day might be a great time to invest in kids who want to work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for the future. Teachers and parents have the perfect opportunity to use this day to inspire their students and kids. Other community members might want to set up clubs where kids can apply their STEM skills, or even donate to scholarships that will allow a student to attend a STEM camp in the summer or support their college education.

Learn More About Alexander Graham Bell

Even though he is famous for his work, Alexander Graham Bell has many bits about his life that many people don’t know. Celebrate the day with some of these interesting bits of trivia about the inventor’s life:

  • Bell didn’t originally have a middle name, but he wanted one. For his 11th birthday, his father allowed him to adopt his middle name, Graham.

  • Bell faced more than 600 lawsuits over his telephone patent, resulting in one of the longest patent battles in US history.

  • As part of his work with the hearing impaired, Bell connected Helen Keller with her teacher, Annie Sullivan. Keller’s autobiography was dedicated to Bell and the two were lifelong friends.

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