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Raise awareness about their plight and spend some time showing love and appreciation for those (mostly) four legged friends by celebrating Animal Action Day in a variety of important ways! 

History of Animal Action Day

The inaugural celebration of Animal Action Day took place on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2007. The event was founded by animal lover, media director and photojournalist, Aldwyn Altuney. The purpose behind the day was to not only show appreciation and respect for all animals, but also for the environment because it’s the planet on which they live!

Animal Action Day is meant to be a fun community event where local people can help to raise funds for charities that work so hard all throughout the year to support animals. Each year, in Australia, the funds that are raised go to a different non-profit organization that helps with wildlife conservation, animal hospitals, rescue shelters and much more.

In addition to raising financial support, individuals can also lend their voices to the cause of Animal Action Day by contacting their elected representatives on a local, state or even federal level, with the hope of making a change to protect animals from suffering.

Animal Action Day is typically scheduled to coincide with the efforts of World Animal Week, which takes place during the first week of October and is often launched with a kickoff celebration of World Animal Day.  

How to Celebrate Animal Action Day

The most important thing to do on Animal Action Day is to take some sort of action that can make a difference in the lives of animals! Check out some of these ideas for ways to offer small changes or activities that can be done in support of this event:

Host a FundRaising Event for Animal Action Day

Gather the community together and raise financial support for a good cause through Animal Action Day. Get people involved in a delightful family event connected with animal shelters or zoos, providing fun activities and opportunities for fund raising through entrance fees, auctions, raffles, drink tickets and more. The funds can be used to support local charities and causes such as animal shelters, conservation efforts and much more.

Make Animal Friendly Consumer Choices

One important way to protect animals is to be more conscious as a consumer, especially when buying food. Shop at stores that offer cruelty-free choices. Or, those who are even more committed might consider committing to becoming a vegetarian or vegan for one day out of the week, or one week out of each month. Every little step can make a difference when participating in Animal Action Day.

Spay or Neuter Animals

Many people don’t realize the problems that can be caused and the challenges that come from animals that breed unintentionally. A new litter of kittens and puppies can end up abandoned, stray or feral, which is a cruel lifestyle for a pet to have to face and can result in unmitigated populations over a rather short period of time. In honor of Animal Action week, consider participating in a spay and neuter program or veterinary treatment program in the local community.

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