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Animals, whether they are wildlife or pets, are an important part of society and they play a vital role in communities. But, sadly, every day around the world, millions of animals are suffering due to poor care, neglect, abuse, disease and many other issues. 

World Animal Week is a time that is set aside to raise attention about and invite all humans to get involved with making the world a better place for all of those furry, feathered and other kinds of friends! 

History of World Animal Week

World Animal Week was started as part of an initiative to expand the celebration of World Animal Day that takes place on the 4th of October. Particularly featured by the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), this event is typically kicked off during the week of World Animal Day, which commemorates the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, who is considered to be the patron saint of animals and ecology.

The purpose and hope behind World Animal Week is to take action and raise awareness about the standards of animal care and welfare. In Ireland, this week is often celebrated by bringing together the local communities as well as being supported by various sponsors and celebrities, such as football players and other ambassadors for the ISPCA.

How to Celebrate World Animal Week

Show support for all the strange and beautiful creatures of the world by observing World Animal Week with some of these ideas:

Make a Donation to an Animal Support Group

An excellent way to make a difference in the life of an animal by helping with financial support for a charitable organization focused on animal welfare. Each person can choose a cause that is important to them, from local animal shelters that house stray cats and dogs to programs that provide spaying and neutering of animals in the community. Other people might be interested in making a donation to a larger organization that works with animal conservation to protect those species in the animal kingdom that are at risk. There are lots of different groups to choose from that are making the world a better place for animals, during World Animal Week and all throughout the year.

Learn Important Facts About Animals 

Get started with celebrating World Animal Week by getting more educated about the plight and needs of various animals on the planet. There are almost too many needs to name, so it might require a bit of online or library research. But it might be fun to get started by learning and sharing some of these important facts:

  • Thousands of tigers across the world are captured and exploited for profit, whether from entertainment or used for traditional medicine.

  • Many people don’t realize that under their white fur, vulnerable polar bears actually have black skin.

  • Billions of land animals are treated poorly when they are produced for food on factory farms, and this is an important time to speak out about it.

For other exciting opportunities to celebrate a wide array of friends from the animal kingdom, consider joining in with other events such as International Animal Rights Day in December, World Aquatic Animal Day in April, or World Animal Day, celebrated on October 4. 

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