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Apple dumpling is a classic dessert that has been popular for many years now. Often, we can forget about the classics, but they tend to be the best. After all, they have stood the test of time! When you take a bite into an apple dumpling, you will see exactly why this is the case!

Learn about National Apple Dumpling Day

Are you a fan of the classic Apple Dumpling? This is an apple that has been wrapped in pastry and then baked. The appeals are cored, peeled, and often quartered, to be prepared for the dessert. Often, people like to fill the hole from the core with sugar, butter, and cinnamon, and even dried fruit, like currants, sultanas, and raisins. The dough is when folded over the fruit, after which it is sealed. Some people will pour a spiced sauce on top of the dumplings.

They are then baked until they become tender. The butter and sugar create a sweet and delicious sauce. The great thing about this dish is that it is extremely versatile. You can have it cold, hot, or at room temperature. It is also great as a dessert, breakfast, or even a main dish! As you can see, there are no rules, so long as you enjoy tucking into this classic and tasty dessert. You know what they say; the classics are the best. We would have to agree!

It is only right that we have an National Apple Dumpling Day so that we can pay tribute to this tasty dessert. Plus, it gives us all the perfect excuse to indulge in as many apple dumplings as we want. No one can say anything; we’re just honoring the creation, right?

We have seen apple dumplings in different desserts around the world. You can spend some time on National Apple Dumpling Day learning about the different variations of this dessert all around the world. For example, in the UK, it is not uncommon for suet pastry to be used. In fact, George Orwell’s traditional recipe described Apple Dumplings as one of the best types of suet pudding.

Once the core is removed, brown sugar is used to fill it in the UK, after which the suet pastry crust is added, and then the dumpling is tied tightly using a cloth. Finally, it is boiled. There are also some tasty and interesting variations of this dessert in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, so we definitely recommend checking these out. You could even give these unique recipes a try on Apple Dumping Day to see how they match up to your traditional recipe.

History of National Apple Dumpling Day

With their origins as a humble peasant dish from the colder European climates of England, Bavaria and Austria, apple dumplings have crossed the Atlantic and spread their sweet smell to the New World. Over the centuries, they have become an internationally loved treat found in many grandmothers’ cookbooks and certainly worth of their own day of celebration.

Originally, apple dumplings used to be boiled and steamed, and the word itself comes from German dampf, meaning steam. Nowadays, this aromatic dish is typically baked and stuffed with spiced and sweetened Granny Smith apples, previously cored and peeled. The crucial spice is cinnamon, though nutmeg and lemon zest are popular as well.

People across Europe and Northern America bake the dumplings for dessert all the time during the apple harvest season, but they also enjoy them year round using dried apples if necessary. Revisit the smells of your childhood and celebrate the National Apple Dumpling Day by serving this rustic treat with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or drenched in decadent caramel sauce.

How to celebrate National Apple Dumpling Day

Needless to say, the best way to celebrate National Apple Dumpling Day is by making your own apple dumplings. If you take a look online, you will see that there are many different recipes for the classic apple dumpling. Classic apple dumplings should be sweet with a warm flaky texture to the pastry. The final touch is the sauce, which ensures that they taste just perfect. You can serve them with ice cream or whipped cream, or why not both?

You can also find a lot of modern interpretations and twists on the classic Apple Dumpling. So, if this is a recipe that you already create on a fairly regular basis, why not try something different? Spicy Apple Dumpling Twists are a good example. You can either look for unique recipes online, or you could decide to try and come up with your own invention. After all, playing around with different flavors can be a lot of fun, even if you are not thrilled with the result in the end. You could even have an Apple Dumpling Bake-Off with your friends and family. It is always fun to do something a little bit different, right?

Of course, you can celebrate National Apple Dumpling Day by creating a range of apple desserts. One easy and popular dish that you can make is salted caramel apples. This rustic style dessert features exquisite salted caramel apples, with dulce de leche that melts in your mouth. The flavors are incredible and this dish is perfectly suited to the fall months.

No matter what sort of dessert you decide to go with, make sure you wash it down with a delicious apple cocktail recipe. Again, there are lots of great recipes online to give you inspiration for this. We’re fans of Apple, Elderflower, and Gin cocktails. There are a lot of variations that include these three ingredients. Other delicious drinks to consider include the likes of Apple Prosecco cocktails and Apple Martinis.

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