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In recent years, the understanding of people who have diverse neurological profiles has continued to increase. As communities grow in the way that they accept and embrace one another, the hope is that people who are on the autism spectrum will be celebrated along with their achievements. Autistic Pride Day is here to help folks do just that! 

History of Autistic Pride Day

The first occurrence of Autistic Pride Day took place in 2005 when it was started by an organization called Aspies for Freedom. The group chose June 18 as the day to celebrate because it represented the birthday of the youngest member of the group at that time. The day originated from within, and continues to be led by folks who are members of the autistic community.

Over the years since its inaugural celebration, Autistic Pride Day has grown to be celebrated by various groups, families, individuals and communities throughout the nation and even all over the world. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about and show support for those who are on the autism spectrum, with the hope of bringing about positive changes in the broader society.

How to Celebrate Autistic Pride Day

Those who are looking for interesting ways to join in and participate with Autistic Pride Day can certainly get creative with ideas and activities. Check out some of these to get started with:

Enjoy Some Autistic Pride Day Events

On Autistic Pride Day, various events and activities are organized in cities and towns all throughout the globe. Community gatherings, art exhibitions, educational opportunities, workshops, social discussions and so many other activities take place for people to participate in.

Show Support and Raise Awareness

One way to make a small impact through Autistic Pride Day might be to wear a symbol that encourages conversation and shows some pride! This could be one of the infinity rainbow pins that have been adopted as a symbol of the day, which can be sourced in various places online.

Learn More About Autism

While the amount of education and awareness from the public on the subject of autism has increased in recent years, there is still a long way to go. In honor of Autistic Pride Day consider getting involved by doing some research, reading some stories, and connecting with local groups who can help with learning and growing in this area. The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN) might be a great place to start learning more from their resources as well as finding ways for more autistic people to get connected to others. 

Those who are interested in getting involved with other celebrations around autism may want to participate in World Autism Awareness Day on April 2 and Autism Acceptance Month all throughout the month of April.  

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