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The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions of hope.

John Buchan

The sun is just beginning to rise over the horizon, painting the sky a vivid palette of reds and oranges. The quiet buzz of insects can be heard as they dance over the water’s surface, punctuated occasionally by the splash of a fish breaking the surface for its morning meal, unknowing that it is destined to become a meal itself. Go Fishing Day celebrates quiet, meditative moments like this and those individuals who find solace in the pursuit of this elusive prey.

History Of Go Fishing Day

While fishing has served to feed civilization since near the dawn of time, and in modern days it is a major industry that has a yearly yield in the billions of dollars, Go Fishing Day is dedicated to sport fishing, as well as those who fish as part of survival (known as subsistence fishing). Fishing is a great way to help add food to your table while having the satisfaction of knowing that you caught it yourself, as well as a wonderful bonding opportunity for friends and family.

While the most common forms of fishing are rod and reel fishing, fly fishing, and at a distant third bow-fishing, there are many other forms that are practiced around the world for survival and pleasure. Whatever your preferred method, fishing is a great experience and gets us back in touch with nature and ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, fishing is far more than “One jerk waiting for another jerk at the end of the line.”, and instead is actually a result of luck combined with three important processes, the state of the fish, how it encounters the tackle, and the composition of that tackle.

How to celebrate Go Fishing Day

Get out there and go fishing! It’s as simple as that. Whether you prefer to go boat fishing and troll along with your bait and tackle trailing in the water behind you, or standing in hip waders while casting your fly over the top of the water, there’s a form of fishing that will appeal to everyone. Even if you don’t like fishing, you have to admit that sitting quietly on the edge of a lake with a fishing pole and a case of beer beats even the best day at work! Now Go Fishing!