Quick Facts

Every June 22nd
Founded in
22 June 2018
Founded by
Danny Mayson-Kinder

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Kindness may seem like a dying art in today’s world. However, if you’re looking for a meaningful way to bring kindness into the world, then B Kinder Day is a day to do it.

B Kinder Day is all about being kind to others in honor of a young girl who cared about her community and those around her.

History of B Kinder Day

B Kinder Day was inspired by Billie Kinder, a 12-year-old girl who was always happy, cheerful, and kind. Billie was a student at Cannonvale State School and St. Catherine’s Catholic College. They were well-known in the community for their caring, loving, and compassion nature toward those around them.

However, a tragedy occurred when Bille died in a horse-riding accident. Her mother, Danny Mayson-Kinder, decided that in honor of her daughter, she would create B Kinder Day to empower children to make a difference in the world.

During this day, children in schools discuss the meaning of kindness, create “Fly High Billie” greeting cards, and deliver those cards to local nursing homes personally. Children on this day also plant flowers throughout their communities and take parts in secret acts of kindness for the people they love.

B Kinder Day emphasizes the message of hope, empathy, and change in the world. The purpose of B Kinder Day is to show the rippling effects of kindness. It was created hoping that schools all over the world would participate in the event.

Colleges such as Arndell Anglican College implement a B Kinder Workbook for children to teach them about kindness. These workbooks showcase new ways of forming healthy relationships with others. They also teach kids how to reflect on their thoughts an feelings so they can create positive change for their communities. The workbook was designed as insight into Billie’s world and how she created change for those she loved.

How to Celebrate B Kinder Day

Celebrate B Kinder Day by spreading kindness to your loved ones and those in your community. Create a “Fly High Billie” greeting card and give it to someone you love. Give hugs, give compliments, and empathize with others.

Volunteer at a local charity for a cause you care about. Take your friends and family out on a picnic or out to lunch. Offer your seat to someone on the bus or train. Listen to your problems and offer advice. There are many ways to enact kindness and practicing it every day can help make you and others feel better.