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The rainforests are keeping our planet alive. They’re home to half the world’s animal species, they provide us with freshwater, and are essential for keeping our climate stable. Yet every second, one and a half hectares is lost, while each year, 78 million hectares of precious rainforest are destroyed. That’s why World Rainforest Day has been created to take decisive action to combat deforestation, reduce the effects of climate change, and protect our rainforests for future generations.

Learn about World Rainforest Day

World Rainforest Day was first created in 2017 by the Rainforest Partnership. They work with Indigenous Peoples living in rainforest environments and launch projects to help restore and regenerate healthy rainforests with local communities. The day is about raising awareness of the importance of the rainforest and what it does for us. By coming together on the day, we can all take positive and hopeful action to protect the rainforest and preserve its lifespan as it has maintained our own lives for thousands of years.

There are hundreds of events, from within local communities to virtual events, education initiatives in schools, charity projects, and the hundreds of small actions we can take each day ourselves to protect the rainforest. Whether you’re going solo in your rainforest approach or part of a group of friends, family members, or colleagues, you’ll be forming part of a community spanning the entire globe. The website has award-winning videos, educational material, and advice for people looking to protect the environment.

The Rainforest Partnership itself has many community-based projects in the Amazon, but the day itself is backed up by the involvement of over 70 global partners, from environmental advocates to media outlets, all striving for positive and affirmative action that preserves the rainforest. The tagline for the event is “Because the World Can’t Wait”, a powerful statement and call to action for people worldwide.

History of World Rainforest Day

The key focus of the day is about remaining positive and focusing on what we can do to save the rainforest. Our rainforests have sustained us for thousands of years, circulating oxygen, keeping local communities alive, absorbing carbon dioxide, and keeping our water fresh and clean. The Rainforest Partnership has been spreading this optimistic message since 2007 when it launched to help protect biodiversity, Indigenous Peoples, and combat the effects of climate change.

The core focus of the Rainforest Partnership is to save the rainforest by working on rainforest-based community projects that create a positive impact on the local peoples and wildlife that rely on the rainforest each day. Although their headquarters are based in Texas, they are primarily in the rainforest with their Latin American based team. Why has the Rainforest Partnership been so successful? Because it’s partnered with organizations worldwide to create a unified response to deforestation. As an affiliated member of the UN Economic and Social Council, they can consult and advise organizations and businesses across the world on sustainable and ecologically led practices.

But just how long has the rainforest been helping us out for? The Amazon rainforest has existed for around 60 million years, forming when the Atlantic Ocean had expanded enough to create a tropical climate in the Amazon basin. Following the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, it is believed that a moister climate developed, leading to the expansion of the rainforest. Over millions of years, it is theorized that the rainforest might have suffered many reductions and expansions, caused by factors like expanding and contracting glaciers.

So why is the disappearance of the rainforest so dangerous this time around? The leading causes of deforestation include logging, mining, and industrial development, as well as the clearance of land for agriculture. As more extensive areas are cleared for logging and pasture, more infrastructure is needed, leading to increased clearance to accommodate roads and large machinery. As more and more rainforest is removed, the surrounding wildlife habitats and homes of Indigenous Peoples are also more significantly disrupted. The scale of deforestation can cause climate change, flooding, desertification, and soil erosion—all things which threaten our planet and our way of life.

World Rainforest Day Timeline

56-33 million years ago 

It is estimated that the rainforest likely forms during the Eocene era, following a reduction of tropical temperatures when the Amazon basin is formed.[1]

40000 BC

Humans begin modifying rainforests

Humans are influencing the rainforests by living in them and modifying them throughout history.[2]


World Rainforest Movement begins 

This international initiative was started to strengthen the movement of people all over the world in defense and protection of the rainforests.[3]


Rainforest Cafe opens

This jungle-themed restaurant opens its first location in Bloomington, Minnesota in the Mall of America.[4]


First World Rainforest Day 

Launched to create awareness about the plight of the rainforest and people who inhabit it, World Rainforest Day was created by the Rainforest Partnership.[5]

How to Celebrate World Rainforest Day

This is the perfect opportunity to take the burden off the branches of the rainforest and find ways to help protect the homes of its local wildlife and peoples. Find an optimistic outlook on preserving the planet by sharing on your social media and blogging about how you can save the rainforest. You might get involved by donating or raising awareness of charities like the Rainforest Partnership, or participating in virtual events and networks.

You can even host a rainforest awareness day yourself by arranging an event that highlights the cause or contributes towards a rainforest protection charity. If you’re not a fan of organizing events, why not participate in a sponsored run, climb, trek, or even walk to raise funds? You can also search for registered tree planting charities, where you can sponsor the planting of a tree to give back to the rainforest. If you’re trying to engage the kids, why not take advantage of the activity packs on the day’s website and distribute these to your friends and families for a day of fun-fuelled activities.

If you’re looking for the opportunity to make a lifestyle change, this day is also the chance to make eco-friendly choices to help save the future of our rainforest. For instance, deforestation due to agriculture is a big part of the rainforest reduction. Why not work to reduce your food waste by making sure you’re only purchasing and using what you need? Buying goods from ethical companies that donate to the environment is also a sure-fire way to ensure its protection.

Helping your local wildlife is also an excellent way to sustain global biodiversity, and even help some migrating birds on their way home. Plant insect-attracting flowers in your garden or balcony to share some love with our feathered friends as they fly back to their tropical climate. This day is the perfect opportunity to take many small steps or host one big event to show our appreciation for our rainforest.

World Rainforest Day FAQs

What is the theme of World Rainforest Day?

The theme for each World Rainforest Day changes each year, with past themes including “Protected together. Now. Forever.” and “Protected Together”.[1]

Why do we celebrate World Rainforest Day?

Celebrating the natural resources of the rainforests of the world, World Rainforest Day encourages humans to protect and preserve them.[2]

When is World Rainforest Day Celebrated?

World Rainforest Day is celebrated each year on June 22.[3]

What is the most interesting fact about the rainforest?

Rainforests take up only 3% of the area of the planet, but are home to more than half of the planet’s species.[4]

Who started World Rainforest Day?

World Rainforest Day was started in 2017 by the Rainforest Partnership, which is an organization that creates people-powered solutions to protect the deforestation problems in the rainforest.[5]

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