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The very word strikes our taste buds like lightening and fills our minds with images of rich cream, light dough, and a creamy topping that just whisks us away to old Paris. Chocolate Éclair Day celebrates one of the most decadent of treats to come out of the confectioners trade since time out of mind. While there are as many varieties of Éclair as there are confectioners to create new delicacies, but the one that is a strong stand by that leaves us all drooling is the Chocolate Éclair.

History of Chocolate Éclair Day

Éclair… An enticing name for a treat, it even sounds decadent, but what does it actually mean? Éclair means “flash of lightning” and describes the speed at which these delicacies will disappear if left unguarded. These delicious treats were said to have first been invented by the French Chef Antonin Carême, a man with a tragic history that led to a grand creation in the early 19th century.

He was abandoned by his parents in the tumultuous days of the French Revolution and found work as kitchen boy to keep himself housed and fed. Some time later he found himself working as an apprentice to a famous pâtissier named Sylvain Bailly.

The young boy blossomed into an amazingly talented chef, so talented in fact that when he left Bailly’s training he was able to move from employer to employer with impunity. This was rare in a time when one’s employer practically owned them, in this case, he could move freely, such was his talent.

Out of that talent came a long-standing love for the delicacy that would disappear so fast it was named for this tendency. Some time later the Chocolate Éclair was invented and took its well-deserved position as the King of the Éclair.

How to celebrate Chocolate Éclair Day

It’s one of the greatest ways to celebrate any holiday ever! Chocolate Éclair Day is best celebrated by indulging in the amazing variety of ways you can create a Chocolate Éclair. Milk chocolate topping? Absolutely! Dark Chocolate? Oh yes. Sprinkled with dried raspberries? Seriously man, what are you waiting for?

There’s no wrong way to create a Chocolate Éclair, and Chocolate Éclair Day encourages you to try them all! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even try to create them on your own at home, who knows, you could be the next Antonin Carême. You won’t know if you don’t try!