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Another fun culinary day brings scallops to center stage. If you have always thought that making a dish with scallops or seafood, in general, is time-consuming and difficult, this is sure to change your mind. Gather some friends together and use National Baked Scallops Day as an excuse to give it a try!

History of National Baked Scallops Day

Scallops have been enjoyed by people in seaside communities since the beginning of time. It should not come as a surprise that the culinary world would want to give them their own day to shine! There are so many ways that this little creature can be served. They are a common addition to seafood soups, stews, and chowders. One can commonly find them baked or fried on restaurant menus ready to be enjoyed.

For those who are not used to cooking seafood, the idea of trying to make one of these dishes at home can be overwhelming. Like many things in the world of cooking, the truth is much different. Scallops are quick and easy to cook and therefore are a great place to start. Making friends with your fishmonger is essential so that you know that the scallops you buy as are fresh as possible. Many supermarkets have seafood departments and are a great resource.

How to celebrate National Baked Scallops Day

The best thing about Baked Scallop Day is the reason to get friends and family together to share a meal! The act of sitting around a table (leaving electronics in the other room!) and spending time reconnecting with those who are important to you has been the glue that has kept families and friends going strong forever. It is important to just focus on the moment in time and be present, and don’t forget the food!

There are a plethora of variations on the baked scallop. If you look in classic cookbooks or head over to your favorite search engine, you will have many choices. Many people prefer to keep the recipes very simple with few ingredients. Then there are others who favor more complex flavors. Take time to read over the options so that the one you choose will fit your tastes.

If you live in a seaside area, one way to celebrate the day is to take a field trip! Head down to the wharf or fish market and experience the atmosphere! Gather the kids and everyone can enjoy seeing how the ocean helps to sustain us with the varied bounty of food sources that comes from it. Many chefs have pointed out that when we understand where our food comes from, it helps us to appreciate it more.

Baked Scallop Day can also be celebrated by supporting your favorite local seafood restaurants. When you get together with the people you love and enjoy good food memories are sure to be made. Snap a few pictures of your meal! If you made your meal, let everyone know how your adventure in cooking went and share on social media!

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