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Wed 8th Mar, 2017 will be...


The Second Wednesday of March
  • 8th Mar, 2017
  • 9th Mar, 2016
  • 11th Mar, 2015

With the abundance and variety of food available in the Western world these days, registered dietitians are becoming more popular as people seek greater understanding of what they should eat and why. Why not celebrate Registered Dietitian Day by sending your dietitian a quirky bouquet of edible flowers as a thank you for all their hard work?

If you don’t already visit a dietitian you may be wondering what they can do for you. Dietitians often play a role in managing weight through healthy eating, but they can also advise on suitable nutritional intakes for a variety of ailments and disorders. Increasingly, part of the role involves running educational programs about the causes and effects of obesity in an attempt to prevent problems later in life. Find a registered dietitian locally to ask how you can improve your lifestyle and boost your health today.

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