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Even though kids and teens might be somewhat independent, they still are very much in need of not only supervision but also adult role models, mentors, and guides for life. National Boys and Girls Club Day is here to raise public awareness and support for these clubs that offer a safe, constructive and supportive environment outside of home or school. 

History of National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids

The seeds of the Boys and Girls Club can be traced back more than 150 years, to 1860 when three women acted as organizers in Hartford, Connecticut. Originally called the Boys Club Federation of America, the idea behind the group was to offer boys a healthy and safe alternative to roaming the streets. Along with giving the kids productive things to do, the purpose of the club was to highlight the importance of forming solid relationships between adults and children. 

Since that time, the organization has developed to include female participants as well, now with girls representing about 45% of the club membership. The name changed to Boys and Girls Clubs of America in 1990. Located in towns and cities in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, on Native lands throughout the country, and on military bases all over the globe.

The celebration of National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids has evolved with the purpose of raising awareness and getting more people from the community involved in the club. This event is observed annually to encourage kids and youth to get involved with meaningful activities as they connect with others in their community and enjoy childhood wonder.

How to Celebrate National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids

Making an impact on millions of kids each year, this organization works to support the community by investing in its youth. Celebrate National Boys and Girls Club Day with some of these ideas for getting involved:

Join a Local Boys and Girls Club

An excellent way to get involved with the National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids is for parents to help their kids to become a member! Each local club may have slightly different rules, but clubs typically take members ranging from the ages of six to eighteen. Some clubs charge an annual fee to join while others are supported by grants that make membership free. More than 5,000 Boys and Girls Clubs are located all over the United States and on military bases throughout the world, serving around four million children.

Volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club

Those who are looking for ways to get involved in their community might want to consider volunteering at the local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club. This is a fantastic way to help teach young people important lessons about life, spending time with them as mentors, role models and coaches. While there, most adults who volunteer also find that they learn a lot from the kids. In honor of National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids, check out the website and consider volunteering.

Learn More About the Boys and Girls Club 

One fun way to show some support for this day might be to learn a bit more about it and share to raise awareness. Consider some of these important facts about National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids to get started:

  • Boys and Girls Clubs are community based and building centered, which means they supply a safe space for kids and teens to spend time in their neighborhoods.

  • Clubs are led by paid, trained youth development professionals who are assisted by volunteers.

  • Throughout the US, more than 7.5 million kids and teens are left alone and unsupervised after school, many of them without access to any after school programs. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America give them a place to go.

Make a Donation to the Boys and Girls Club

As a charitable organization, the bulk of the budget for Boys and Girls Clubs of America comes through individual donations as well as corporate grants, government grants and other foundations. National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids is a perfect time to get involved by making a financial donation, whether a one-time gift or an ongoing monthly donation which provides year-round support to help kids reach their potential. 

Those who want to make a difference on a larger scale with folks in their community might want to partner with Boys and Girls Club to host a fund-raising event, making decisions for planned giving through estate planning, or organizing an employer matching program through businesses.

National Boys and Girls Club Day for Kids FAQs

What is the Boys and Girls Club?

Boys and Girls Club offers quality programs for kids and youth in communities throughout the United States.[1]

Is Boys and Girls Club free?

The cost for Boys and Girls Club is free in some areas, or may have a small membership fee in other localities.[2]

What does the Boys and Girls Club do? 

This club provides kids and teens with a safe, constructive, supportive environment when they are away from home or school.

How to start a Boys and Girls Club?

Those who don’t have a club in their area can contact the national headquarters and get community support.[3]

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