Never mind sunny side up, hard boiled or fried – egg aficionados will know that the humble egg can become a taste sensation with the little preparation that you need to rustle up deviled eggs.

Far from demonic, deviled eggs are a tasty treat often found at buffets, parties and often served as a starter at dinner. They are usually made simply by hard boiling eggs, slicing them in half and them making a mixture with the yolks using mayonnaise and mustard. Often, they are then dusted with seasonings such as curry powder or cayenne – but if you’re feeling fancy you can spruce them up with bacon or fish.

Deviled eggs are an ancient dish, with references to them first seen in recipes salvaged from Ancient Rome. In different parts of the world, they might be served with a local spin – in France, Germany and the Netherlands they are often dished up in a variation with parsley and fresh tomato. In Sweden, they are more likely to have yolks mixed with sour cream and chopped chives, whereas in Hungary if you ask for this dish you may get the yolks served mixed with milk-soaked white bread.

Deviled eggs are so popular in the USA, that you can get hold of trays and plates made especially for them to be served. In fact, you are likely to find them pre-prepared and packaged in some supermarkets if you want a quick and nutritious treat while doing the weekly shop.

If you want to celebrate Deviled Egg Day yourself, all you need to do is hard boil some eggs, scoop out the yolk, mix it with mayonnaise and the spices of your choice, and re-stuff the egg with your mixture. If you want something a little more spicy, mix in some mustard and a little curry powder. A sprig or two of parsley adds a decorative touch, and you’re ready to enjoy!

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