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National Making Life Beautiful Day is a special celebration held every year on June 11th. This day focuses on appreciating those who contribute to making our lives and the world around us more beautiful.

It’s a time to recognize the impact of beauty in various forms, from the arts to simple acts of kindness. The day was established by Apriori Beauty, a company known for its organic beauty products, to encourage people to see their inner beauty and to celebrate those who add beauty to their lives​​.

The importance of this day lies in its call for everyone to contribute to making life beautiful. Whether through creating art, building positive relationships, or simply doing one’s job with care and dedication, each person can add something beautiful to the world.

This celebration reminds us of the power of beauty to bring joy and happiness, not just on this particular day but every day​.

History of ​National Making Life Beautiful Day

National Making Life Beautiful Day began on June 11, 2015, a date chosen to coincide with Apriori Beauty’s founding anniversary.

This California-based company, known for its organic skincare and beauty products, initiated the day to inspire appreciation for beauty in all its forms. It emphasizes recognizing the beauty within ourselves and acknowledging the contributions of those who add beauty to our lives and the world around us.

The day’s creation stems from a desire to celebrate the impact that beauty, whether through art, relationships, or simple acts of kindness, can have on enhancing life’s experiences​​.

Apriori Beauty, the driving force behind this celebration, has laid down three fundamental beliefs: innovation in products, the significance of building relationships, and recognizing success, whether personal or in others, as a form of beauty.

This initiative underscores the notion that beauty transcends the physical, reaching the inner aspects of our being and the connections we share with others.

It’s a day dedicated to appreciating beauty in all its forms and acting in ways that make life more beautiful for ourselves and those around us​ (​​ (National Days Today)​.

The establishment of National Making Life Beautiful Day invites us to reflect on the beauty surrounding us and the beauty we can create.

Whether through a kind gesture, a creative act, or simply by being present for others, we can all contribute to a more beautiful world. It serves as a reminder that beauty is not a superficial attribute but a deeply rooted aspect of our lives that can inspire joy, connection, and positivity​.

How to Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day

Celebrating National Making Life Beautiful Day is about acknowledging and contributing to the beauty around us. It’s a chance to help others reach their goals, appreciate the efforts of those who strive to improve life, and express kindness in small and big ways.

We can create a positive ripple effect by recognizing the beauty in our daily interactions and the world around us. This day encourages us to find and celebrate beauty in all its forms, creating lasting memories and joy.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Grab a paintbrush, dance in the living room, or cook up a storm. Creativity doesn’t just beautify spaces; it enriches souls. Who knows? Your mural might just become the neighborhood’s new selfie spot!

Tip Like a Rockstar

Today, go big. Leave a tip that’ll make your server’s day—or week! Imagine their surprise and the stories they’ll share. It’s about sprinkling a little extra joy.

Say “I See You.”

Borrow a leaf from the Zulu: Tell someone, “Sawubona” (I see you). It’s more than noticing; it affirms their presence and worth. A simple acknowledgment can light up faces and hearts.​

Dive into a Goal

Do dreams collect dust? Today’s the day to dust them off. Whether learning a new chord on the guitar or finally starting that novel, let your aspirations take flight. Your journey might inspire someone else to follow their dreams​​.

Listen Like It’s Your Superpower

In a world full of noise, be an island of calm. Listen—really listen—to someone. It’s a rare gift to be fully heard, and it can transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one​.

Family Time, Quality Time

Transform your living space into a haven of love. A home-cooked meal, a DIY project, or simply decluttering together can make your home a masterpiece of memories​​.

Connect with a Cause

Feeling inspired? Channel that energy into action. Partner with a local organization and lend a hand. It’s not just about today; it’s about creating ripples of beauty that extend far beyond​​.

Celebrate National Making Life Beautiful Day by embracing these ideas. Each act of beauty, kindness, and creativity contributes to a tapestry of joy and connection.

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