A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

Groucho Marx

There are many superstitions surrounding the feline with sable fur, and the one stating that your luck is going to have a downward turn if you have one walk in front of you is the most prevalent. We would like to remind you, however, that Groucho Marx has the right of it. All it means when a black cat walks in front of you is that the animal is clearly going somewhere, and should either be pet, fed treats, or left well enough alone. None of these choices is going to have an effect on your luck, one way or another, and that’s just one message being touted by International Black Cat Awareness Month.

History of International Black Cat Awareness Month

The creation of International Black Cat Awareness Month came about after it’s creator, Layla Morgan Wilde, noticed that while there are two days dedicated to black cats in the world (One in the UK, one in the US) there wasn’t anything dedicated to them on a national level. Such an observation is desperately needed, as superstitions surrounding black cats had gotten so out of control that shelters won’t even adopt them out during October any longer. Too often the cats were being adopted as part of the Halloween holiday mystique, and would be abandoned or worse after the holiday passed.

Throughout the rest of the year, it’s typically more difficult to get them adopted, how much more difficult? Black cats are adopted at a rate 50% lower than any other color of cat, which we can’t understand at all. A sable furred cat is perhaps one of the most beautiful animals to walk the earth.

How To Celebrate International Black Cat Awareness Month

The first and best way is to do your part in dispelling the myths surrounding black cats and their supposed luck-altering abilities. If you’re going to a shelter to adopt a kitten, consider adopting a black kitten to ensure they find their way into a good home, and if it’s a black kitten with special needs so much the better! (Special needs cats get adopted at rates below that of even healthy black kittens, so special needs black kittens are especially in need of love!) Bringing the love of a new black furbaby in your life, or helping another one get adopted, is the best celebration they could hope for.

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