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Wherever you live in the world, chances are your country has a TV show that manages to both delight and irritate viewers whilst simultaneously making them feel a bit uncomfortable, but also a little more self-confident. We are of course talking about programmes that revolve around home videos, sharing everything from embarrassing prom nights to dangerous stunts gone wrong, with some saucy accidents and Great Danes dressed in cargo pants thrown in for good measure.

National Camcorder Day is a tribute to videography of all varieties. Perhaps you’re a professional and enjoy shooting wildlife (with a lens, not a gun), or an extreme sports fan who attaches a GoPro to their helmet before jumping out of a plane. Or maybe you just like recording memories that can be cherished forevermore, from weddings and birthdays, to your son dancing like an Egyptian to the Addams Family movie’s end credits, for reasons that will never become evident. That last one may sound a little unbelievable but one of our web crew made a mistake when he was twelve, one that can’t be erased because he doesn’t know where his mum has hidden the tape.

So get out there and get filming, then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and share it with the rest of the planet!

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