Ah 2021! I have been looking forward to you. Last year was a year of solitaire celebrations we can only hope that we can get back to celebrating with our friends and families. But for the time being I will continue to celebration alone.

Jan 2nd – Science Fiction Day & World Introvert Day

I have to say that this is one of my favorite combo days. There are only a few days that have multiple celebrations that just work together. This is one of them! Though it has been a few year since I read the Foundation series by the amazing Asimov. I think few would disagree that he is most definatly the father of a lot of modern Sci-Fi.

And in combination with World Introvert Day, you could either snuggle up with a book or a movie! I took the day in my stride and watched a couple of movies that I love. Some sci-fi, some not. Whatever you did on this day I hope you enjoyed the combo!

Jan 6th – Apple Tree Day

This will be the second year of my apple tree I have given it a little trim to help it along this year. I only got two apples off it last year and I am hoping that this year is better. Though it is dormant at the moment these are the little apples I got last year.

They were small and sweet so I am hoping for slightly bigger and just as sweet this year. Though that reminds me, I do need to put some mulch down on the roots. Well I guess that’s a weekend job!

Jan 13th – Sticker Day

Stickers can be found everywhere! They are a quick and easy way to label things and to make sure that you know what is in a box. But there are also decorative stickers as well and kids sitckers. My nibbles love stickers and attaching them to anything that moves and things that do move.

But you can buy stickers for everything these days! There are stickers to organise your kitchen or your life. Personal I love using them as they are quick and easy!

Jan 20th – Cheese Lovers Day

Mmmmm Cheese! I adore cheese! And over the past 12 months I have enjoyed lost of cheese and I now have a list of my go-to ones for what my mood may be. Whether it’s the versatile cheddar cheese or creamy brie, cheese is one of the world’s most delectable delicacies that goes well with many dishes.

With monthly virtually cheese tastings this is what has got me through this past year. With so many varieties and suppliers you really can’t go wrong on Cheese Lovers Day and have your favorite one!

Jan 22nd – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Patch has a lot of questions. Well, I say a lot mostly two, “When can I have food?” and “Is it food time now?” I am sure that there are lots of questions that he asks throughout the day but to be honest a lot of them I tend to ignore as it’s mostly complaints.

I am looking forward to Feb! Short month and lots to celebrate! I hope that you are keeping safe!

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