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In the case of the cashew, someone, somewhere, decided that it had to be roasted. It was once known as the blister nut, if you try to eat it from the tree your mouth will pay the price. Oddly, the cashew is not, in fact, a nut, but a seed.

Kate Christensen

We don’t much care what you call it, the cashew is one of nature’s true delights. It needs a little care to be able to achieve its greatest properties, like all good things, but when you finish harvesting and roasting it there are few things in life as delightful as a cashew nut. National Cashew Day encourages you to go out and enjoy this delicious seed in any of its myriad of forms.

History of National Cashew Day

Let’s start with this, cashew trees can get big… really big. The world’s largest cashew tree can be found in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and covers well over 81,000 sq ft. To put that into perspective that’s a tree that covers 1.8 acres, or nearly 70 times that of a normal cashew tree. Truly a monumental tree dedicated to providing delicious cashew nuts to the people of the world. Cashews are used in all sorts of creations, from a rich creamy nut butter to toppings for ice cream, and just about anything in between.

They’re roasted and salted for a handy snack, and often are put inside of cookies as well. There’s even research that shows that this remarkable seed may, in fact, be an effective antidepressant, were one to consume two handfuls of them a day. National Cashew Day was established to encourage us to enjoy this crunchy, flavorful nut any way you want to!

How To Celebrate National Cashew Day

How about you start by picking up a container of cashew butter and start the day with a piece of toast spread with that wonderful concoction? Pick up a package of cashews and munch on them throughout your work day, and keep them in the car to help stave off the munchies. They can serve as an excellent addition to a dinner salad, or you can sprinkle them on your ice cream for dessert. Can’t think of any other ways to enjoy cashews? Maybe it’s time to get some friends together and brainstorm a cashew themed day of feasting! After all the only thing better than delicious food is delicious food with friends!

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