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Marking the end of the chaotic summer travel season and the start of a slower autumn season, for the past several years this day has been considered to be Cheap Flight Day. So for those who are searching for deals and discounts on all of their flights, fares and vacations in the autumn, this is the perfect time to avoid the crowds, save some money and get on board with travel fever! 

History of Cheap Flight Day

Cheap Flight Day seems to have been established in 2015 through the cravings of those folks who were watching for low, low prices on air travel. While every airline is not exactly the same, the idea is that this end-of-summer, back-to-school season indicates the time when companies will drop their prices on airfare. The theory is that, since the demand drops, so do the prices.

While it’s unlikely to find fares that have been slashed in half, in past years many consumers have found that their airplane tickets purchased on Cheap Flight Day might cost 10% or even 20% less than they would have if they were purchased a few weeks earlier.

There is one catch, however. It is important to remember that every year in the travel industry changes significantly, especially in a post-pandemic world, so it’s important to stay apprised of rates far in advance of any planned travel. So, although Cheap Flight Day is certainly an exciting one to look at and make notes about prices on travel, don’t just assume that this day will always offer the best fare. Do some homework or even check with a travel agent, who is an expert in offering the best rates.

So get ready to do some exciting travel planning because it’s time for Cheap Flight Day!

How to Celebrate Cheap Flight Day

Those who are looking for ways to celebrate Cheap Flight Day can find all sorts of opportunities to show appreciation for and enjoy this day! Check out some of these delightful ideas to get started with the fun of this day:

Scour the Internet for Cheap Flights

Cheap Flight Day is a great time to check out various deals but, honestly, it’s something that avid travelers should be keeping an eye on all throughout the year. That way, they’ll have a better handle on what typical prices run, to understand when the best time is to make the purchase.

While it’s okay to hop on the website for a favorite airline, especially if they offer frequent flier miles, another great way to search might be to tap into the work that is done through discount clearinghouse sites such as Kiwi or Momondo. Even if the final purchase isn’t made through these sites, they often provide a helpful tool for comparing rates.

Set Up Low Priced Flight Alerts

Several different online services now offer the opportunity for consumers to set up alerts when the flights they are looking for reach a certain price. Google Flights, Kayak, Skyscanner and others offer this service, hoping that consumers will buy through their sites. Airfare deal newsletters, such as Scott’s Cheap Flights, or Fly (Almost) Free also notify savvy travelers when deals are coming. But don’t delay, because the deals can sometimes last only a few hours and then they’re gone!

Consider Some Air Travel Pro Tips

Getting ready to book some flights means it’s time to get out of town! Whether for vacation or a business trip, some certain reminders for airline travel can be helpful. Check out some of these important tips for make the most of traveling on an airplane:

  • Travel Sustainably

    Of course, airline travel is a bit expensive, but there’s also a cost to the environment. Make air travel a bit more “green” by either paying to offset the carbon footprint through the airline program or making a donation to an environmental charity, like Sustainable Travel.

  • Pack Lightly

    Traveling with less is always a good idea–and the best way is to take a carryon only! Plan to repeat some outfits, wash out some items in hotel sinks, or book accommodations with laundry facilities when possible.

  • Check In Online

    Most airlines have the option for online check-in and then automated bag drop-off, making everything much smoother and simpler with less time standing in line.

  • Prepare for Security

    Don’t be that guy who holds up the security line! Make sure liquids are in bottles smaller than 100 ml, remove electronics from bags, remove belts and large jewelry, drink or pour out any water bottles, wear shoes that are easy to take off, and generally just follow the rules.

Make Upcoming Vacation Plans

The idea for Cheap Flight Day is that the end of the summer season brings with it a number of different benefits for travel. Fewer crowds, lower temperatures, and hopefully a discount on pricing. This may be true not only for airfare but for hotels, rental cars and other items that go along with flights. So take some time to dream a little!

For those who don’t have school-aged children that they need to bring along – or for couples who can get Grandma and Grandpa to stay with the kids while they take an island getaway – this is a great time to consider a vacation deal that might be more affordable and desirable.

Host a Travel-Planning Party

Cheap Flight Day might be a great motivator to start planning that trip with a friend group. Host a little travel-planning party with the friends or family members who are interested in taking a trip together. Serve themed snacks that are based on the intended destination – perhaps wine and cheese for France, margaritas and chips with guac for Mexico, or sushi and sake for those considering travel to Japan. Then, take some time to discuss goals and plans for the trip, consider accommodations, assign a point person, do some online airfare searching and generally just make a fun time of planning for the next exciting destination!

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