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Internaut Day

Be an “internaut” and learn more about how best to navigate and make use of the remarkable tool most of us have at are fingertips all the time: the internet.

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

Eradicating human bondage requires global commitment to justice, human rights, and dignity for all individuals everywhere.

National Cuban Sandwich Day

Succulent pork, juicy pickles, tangy mustard, pressed to perfection, all nestled between crispy bread. A sandwich so delicious, it transports you to Havana.

Cheap Flight Day

Scoring those wallet-friendly plane tickets means more bucks to spend on exciting adventures, making every travel dream a reality!

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How to celebrate Aug 23rd

Wake up and kick off your day by diving into the online world on Internaut Day. Explore new websites, connect with friends on social media, and maybe even start a blog. Embrace the power of the internet and spend some time discovering new information and entertainment.

As you reflect on the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, take a moment to educate yourself about this important part of history. Consider reading a book or watching a documentary to deepen your understanding and show respect for those who have suffered.

For lunch, celebrate National Cuban Sandwich Day by indulging in this flavorful and classic sandwich. You can make it at home with simple ingredients or support a local Cuban restaurant. Enjoy the combination of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard pressed between crispy bread.

In the afternoon, embrace the spirit of Cheap Flight Day by planning your next adventure. Search for deals online, set fare alerts, and dream about your next getaway. Even if you can’t book a flight right now, the anticipation of future travel can be exciting.

As evening approaches, channel your inner romantic on Valentino Day. Watch a classic romantic movie, write a love letter to someone special, or treat yourself to a small indulgence. Celebrate love in all its forms and spread positivity wherever you go.

National Ride the Wind Day invites you to head outdoors and enjoy the breeze. Fly a kite, go for a sail, or simply take a leisurely walk in the fresh air. Connect with nature and appreciate the simple joys of the world around you.

Finally, wrap up your day by satisfying your sweet tooth with National Sponge Cake Day. Bake a sponge cake at home or pick up a slice from a bakery. Celebrate this light and fluffy dessert as you reflect on the diverse and rich tapestry of weird national holidays.

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Valentino Day

On the anniversary of his death, honor the life of 1920s film star Rudolph Valentino with a marathon of movies like The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921).

National Ride the Wind Day

Take a trip to an aerospace museum, or get flying yourself by scheduling a parachuting or bungee jumping experience, windsurfing, an airplane ride, or similar.

National Sponge Cake Day

Light, fluffy, sweet and decadent, the sponge cake is a versatile kind of cake sure to satisfy. Visit a bakery or try making your own sponge cake at home.

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National Golf Month

Enjoy the precision, challenge, and tranquility of a game that blends skill, strategy, and outdoor beauty.

National Breastfeeding Month

Nurturing an intimate connection, this natural practice provides infants with essential nourishment, promoting health and bonding.

National Cheerleading Safety Month

Ensuring spirited routines sparkle with confidence while avoiding unnecessary risks keeps the pep in cheer, making every performance a triumph.

Family Fun Month

Create lasting memories with activities that bring laughter, strengthen bonds, and fill your home with joy.

National Crayon Collection Month

Brighten classrooms and ignite creativity by sharing vibrant colors, ensuring every child has the tools to learn.

National Panini Month

A warm, crispy delight with melted cheese, fresh ingredients, and endless flavor combinations to satisfy cravings.

National Minority Donor Awareness Month

Increasing access to life-saving transplants by promoting organ donation awareness and addressing disparities in minority communities.

Medic Alert Awareness Month

Wearable lifesavers, providing crucial medical information, ensuring prompt care and potentially saving lives during emergencies.

National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Strands thin, and the scalp reveals a journey of self-discovery amidst changes, embracing transformations with courage and grace.

National Road Victim Month

Implementing precautions and awareness can significantly reduce accidents, save lives, and ensure safer travel for everyone.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month

Join the movement to support research, spread knowledge, and uplift families affected by this challenging genetic condition.

National Wellness Month

Enhancing overall health through mindful practices, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, and fostering positive mental attitudes.

National Black Business Month

Empowering communities and fostering economic growth through vibrant enterprises — championing the spirit of diversity in commerce.

National Immunization Awareness Month

Guarding against preventable diseases, this medical shield protects lives, safeguards communities, and honors the value of health and well-being.

Child Support Awareness Month

Ensuring the well-being of our children, providing them with the care and resources they need, is a fundamental commitment in our society.

National Peach Month

Attend a peach festival, go peach picking, or bake some peach-based goodies to pay tribute to this fuzzy, juicy, oh-so-flavorful pitted fruit.

Romance Awareness Month

Read a romance novel, watch a romantic movie, or plan a romantic getaway, date, or small act of love to appreciate the important role of romance in life.

National Fishing Month

Relaxing, meditative, and practical, fishing is an ideal hobby for many. Get out on the water with some bait and a fishing line, and catch yourself dinner.

National Inventors Month

Take some time to appreciate the brilliant men and women who have invented ways to make our lives better and easier, from glasses to plumbing to spaceships.

National Water Quality Month

Read up on the small ways you can keep your community’s water clean, from picking up after your pets to avoiding pesticides, certain antibacterial chemicals, etc.

National Anti-Frizz Month

Alberto VO5 established Anti-Frizz Month to help those cursed with frizzy hair to find the right products and care routine to get smooth, silky hair.

National Catfish Month

Go fishing for catfish, order it at a restaurant, or try your hand at cooking up your own fish using any number of tasty but simple catfish recipes.

Happiness Happens Month

Take stock of your life and figure out which things make you truly happy. Focus on them, and find new ways to fill your life with as much joy as possible.

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Preparing your child for their exciting journey into kindergarten, fostering confidence, curiosity, and readiness for new experiences ahead.

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