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Though cheese soufflés may be the better-known variety, people who have a sweet tooth are perhaps more likely to prefer a chocolate soufflé instead. And, with that in mind, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy everything to do with this delicious dessert, because it’s time for National Chocolate Souffle Day!

History of Chocolate Souffle Day

A soufflé is a type of cake made from a custard base and egg whites beaten to a soft peak. It can then be flavored as desired. No one knows this dish’s exact history, since it has probably been around as long as eggs, flour and milk. However, the original idea and recipe for soufflé is believed to have originated in a recipe book called La Cusinier Moderne, by French Cook Vincent La Chappelle, published as long ago as 1742. Chappelle was one of many famous Europeans who found themselves cooking for Madame de Pompadour, the infamous mistress of Louis XV.

It took a few years but the souffle was eventually taken on by another French Chef, Antoine Beauvilliers, in the early 1800s. It was in the book “The Art of the Cook”, published in 1814, in which Beauvilliers gave descriptions about how exactly to make this delicious dish.

The most famous name in soufflé making, however, is French “grande cuisine” chef Marie-Antoine Carême, who is credited not only with perfecting the soufflé, but also with creating the now traditional version of the chef’s hat.

Soufflés probably were not originally as sweet as they are made now, especially because they were often made with savory ingredients such as herbs, cheese or even veal kidney. Some dessert versions may have included lemon peel or other fruits. But chocolate likely didn’t appear on the scene

How to Celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day

Many ways are possible to get on board with celebrating this day. But, of course, the most important one is to indulge in eating some delicious chocolate soufflé! Try out some of these other ideas for enjoying this day in style:

Enjoy a Chocolate Soufflé at a Restaurant

This endeavor might require a little bit of homework because not many restaurants serve this delicious dish. But perhaps that is what makes this day extra special! Here are some of the world’s most famous soufflé restaurants which might just deserve a visit on National Chocolate Souffle Day:

  • Le Soufflé in Paris, France. When the restaurant is named after the dish, it must be extraordinary! Located in the heart of where this dish began, this restaurant offers soufflés in a wide variety, including cheese, spinach and obviously chocolate.
  • Restaurant Gary Danko in San Francisco, California, USA. Head on over to the west coast and try out the chocolate soufflé with vanilla bean crème anglaise that is top notch in anyone’s book.
  • Le Récamier in Paris, France. Moving back to where the soufflé originated, this cafe that is considered one of the best in Paris is famous for its mouthwatering dishes including the cheese and chocolate soufflés.

Learn the Secrets for Making Chocolate Soufflé

A unique and sometimes fussy dessert, friends and family members alike will be duly impressed when they participate in the culinary experience that is the chocolate soufflé. And although it can take a little work to get the hang of it, some secret tips like these might help make this kitchen adventure a success:

  • While glass, plastic or metal bowls can be used for mixing up the eggs, many professional chefs would say that metal bowls are the best bet for success because they are not as likely to leave residue from previous recipes.
  • Eggs that are kept at room temperature are the best for making chocolate soufflé, or any version of soufflé, really. Cold eggs do not allow the peaks to form in the same way that warm eggs do. People who store their eggs in the refrigerator should take them out about an hour in advance of making the dish.
  • Cream of tartar is a good friend to those who endeavor to make a soufflé. A byproduct of grapes and wine production, this additive helps to keep the peaks of the eggs stiff.
  • Baking a soufflé requires some careful attention. The dish should be placed on a metal baking pan and then placed on the bottom rack of the oven so that the heat will rise up from it. And while it is super tempting, do not open the oven door while the soufflé is baking as the influx of cool air will prevent the eggs from rising! Instead, watch through the glass oven door.

Host a National Chocolate Souffle Day Gathering or Party

Notoriously tricky to make, a chocolate soufflé is certain to impress your guests if you can pull it off – why not celebrate National Chocolate Souffle Day by inviting friends over for dinner and ending the meal with a delicious pot of chocolate deliciousness? These dishes are well known for collapsing soon after removal from the oven, however, so consider topping those soufflés with fruit or plenty of sauce to hide what some people find to be inevitable!

Learn Fun Facts About Chocolate Soufflé

Impress friends or family members by sharing some of these trivia bits and pieces of interesting information in celebration of National Chocolate Souffle Day!

  • The term soufflé originates from the French word “souffler” which literally means “to blow up”, “to inflate” or “to puff up”. This is a delightful way to describe what happens when a soufflé is placed in the oven!
  • The Guinness Book of World Records shows that the largest soufflé ever made was in Nablus, Palestine. It measured 243 feet long and weighed more than 3800 pounds.
  • The most expensive soufflé ever commercially sold was made in New York City from quail eggs and caviar. In 2016, this dish sold for $2500 and was also made using flambé Hennessy Richard, as well as being decorated with gold leaf.
  • Soufflés are typically baked each in their own individual ramekins (whether glass or stainless steel) but it can also be made in a large dish and cut into individual servings. It will stay puffed up only for a few minutes (5-10) until they deflate and fall flat. That’s why it’s so important to serve them immediately!

What better excuse could there be than National Chocolate Souffle Day to dig in and enjoy? Get ready to celebrate!

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